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I love studying Greek history, and with such a long history, there is a lot to cover. I realized recently that I had been glossing over the Byzantine Empire, which was a big part of the Greece's history!

I had spent so much time studying about Ancient Greece, and then getting up to speed with modern Greek historical topics.

Cave Divers Capture Breathtaking Footage of Lake Vouliagmeni Tunnels.

Posting this takes me back to my years living in Ano Glyfada when I often wandered what and why was there a lake in Vouliagmeni!Underwander!
The season finale shows how there were once elephants living on the island of Crete, but, most importantly, it sees the team return to Lake Vouliagmeni, where they make yet another breakthrough.... Fascinating how our world and eachother are connected!👏🌍🌎🙏

Exploring the Role of Women in Ancient Greece

I'm currently researching the role of women in Ancient Greece and would love to hear your thoughts and insights on this topic. From what I've gathered so far, women's roles varied significantly depending on the city-state they lived in. For example, women in Sparta had more freedom and responsibility compared to their counterparts in Athens.

Was the Spartan view the norm in Ancient Greece? Was the Athenian view the norm? They seem like two extremes to me. I don't know much else about the rest of Greece.

Question about Greece during WWI

I am trying to learn more about Greek history. This is a family project! What I am learning about now is Greece's involvement in WWI. From what I've gathered, Greece had a rather complex and interesting stance during World War I, but I'm looking for more in-depth information.

Could anyone here provide insights or point me towards resources that detail:

  1. Greece's political climate leading up to its involvement in WWI.
  2. The significance of the National Schism and how it affected Greece's participation.
  3. Key battles or military campaigns that Greek forces were involved in.
Thanks so much!

History of the Greek bailouts/financial crisis?

I'm reaching out to tap into our collective knowledge regarding a significant episode in recent economic history — the Greek financial crisis and the bailouts that followed. This period, marked by severe economic downturns, austerity measures, and complex international negotiations, has had long-lasting implications not only for Greece but for the European Union as a whole. Some things:
  1. Origins: What were the primary causes that led to the Greek financial crisis? How did Greece's economic conditions prior to the crisis contribute to its severity?
  2. Bailout Measures: Could someone explain the specifics of the bailout agreements? How were the terms negotiated, and what were the conditions placed on Greece in exchange for the financial assistance?
  3. Impact on Greece and the EU: What have been the short and long-term effects of the bailouts on the Greek economy and its citizens? Additionally, how has this crisis influenced the policies and economic strategies within the broader European Union?
The reason I am asking is that I got into a debate with someone before having my facts straight and the conversation didn't go well for me lol.

Information About Ancient Greek Writings?

I'm eager to learn more about ancient Greek writings and their significance. Could anyone recommend essential texts or authors from ancient Greece that are crucial for understanding their literature and culture? I'm particularly interested in works like the Iliad and the Odyssey, but I'm also curious about lesser-known texts that provide insights into daily life, philosophy, or historical events.

Additionally, are there any resources or websites where I can access translations or analyses of these ancient writings? I'm looking to deepen my understanding and appreciate the literary and cultural contributions of ancient Greek writers.

Any recommendations, insights, or personal favorites would be invaluable as I embark on this exploration of ancient Greek literature.
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