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I have been cooking more and more Greek foods at home and one thing I noticed is that traditional Greek cooks tend to have their own, unique style. It doesn't seem like something a person can teach. How do I get the foods to have my own style?

For example, I watched someone cook once and they weren't following a recipe. They grabbed spices and ingredients with such confidence! Any advice on how I can become this way when cooking Greek?


A great tip I learned once is that to cook in this freeform way, one has to get away from the "recipes" mindset. Rather, think of cooking as a series of methods. An example is making fasolada (Greek green beans). If you follow a recipe, you will only ever make fasolada. If you realize you can use the same method for different vegetables... suddenly you can see that you can make the same dish using green beans, artichoke hearts, okra, zuchinni, potatoes. It is the same method no matter which vegetable(s) you chose, but if you look at recipes for these, the all have different names!

Favorite Greek winter desserts or cookies?

I love to bake in the winter and now with Christmas coming up, the urge is even stronger. I do plan to make melamakarona and baklava but I want to try one other thing. Maybe something like a spice cookie? I recently had something that was like a kouoloraki but it had a different texture and used a lot of spices. Does anyone know what that is? It's spiced with clove, cinnamon, maybe something else too.

Greek Thanksgiving "Stuffing" Recipe?

Thanksgiving is coming up, and I am trying to track down a recipe. I had a Greek friend verbally describe what this is, but I need a recipe to follow if someone can help me out. His family recipe involves:
  • Onion
  • Ground beef
  • Rice
  • Water or broth
  • All spice, cinnamon, oregano (I thought he said oregano but I am not 100%)
  • Roasted chestnuts
I think maybe I can guess that the onion is sautéed, the ground beef needs to be browned, the rice is stirred in and water or broth is added, and the chestnuts are roasted separately and stirred in at the end?

Thanks for your help! I am learning that Greek cooks have most of their recipes in their brains.

Melamakarona Recipe from Cooking Greek Cookbook

Grilled Branzino Recipe from Cooking Greek Cookbook

When I visit Greece, one of the dishes I love is to order grilled fish. Seafood is plentiful in Greece! Branzino is one of my favorites. However, when I am not in Greece, it's really hard to find this dish. So, I decided to learn how to make it. I found a great recipe in the Cooking Greek Cookbook. I took a pic and would like to share it with you! This is the traditional way it's made. In one of the tavernas I went to, they let me watch them cook for a while, and this looks very close to what they did.

Check out the Cooking Greek Cookbook by Worldwide Greeks out on Hardcover, Paperback and eBook here!


Anyone have a good koulouri recipe?

Is making koulouri a simple matter of making a regular bread dough and then forming it into rings? I loooove koulouri when I go to Greece, and I am unfortunately not always able to get to Greece. I need a way to make this at home.

I love the type with the sesame seeds, and I also love the sweet ones. How do you make those? Can I make like a tsoureki but form it into instead?
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