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I love the restaurants in Athens - they're just so amazing. The chefs in the city do a great job giving a variety of foods from Greek cuisine, from the old to the new. I found this link with a nice list of nine restaurants that I plan to try. What do you guys thing? Have you been to any of these?



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I have been to all the Michelin rated restaurants in Athens. My recommendations are as follows ( this is purely on the culinary experience, not the view):
1) Spondi
2) Botrini’s

Not Michelin rated, but worth a visit:

1) Aleria (prix fix)
2) Kouvelos (taverna)
3) Il Trovatore (Italian, Palio Faliro)
4) Aperando Galazio (seafood on the beach, Vari)
5) Margaro (taverna, Piraeus)


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This is a great list! I have always wanted to dine at a Michelin rated restaurant in Greece, but the other places look great, too.
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I haven't been to any of them personally and haven't heard of any of them except for Strofi. I have heard great things about that one! This list looks fantastic though. Sandyrigo, the list you posted also looks great, thank you for sharing!


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I'm so glad you love the restaurants in Athens! I think the chefs here do a great job regarding the variety and quality of the food. I'm excited to hear that you're planning on trying out some of the restaurants on this list - I'm sure you'll love them! I haven't been to any of these restaurants, but I have heard great things about them from friends. The best one they recommended is https://www.riwa-restaurant.de/de/ with a great menu and prices. I'm sure you'll have a great time!
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Researching the Temple of Poseidon

I am going to visit Greece soon to take some photos and enjoy the country in general (I am a photographer). One of the stops I plan to make is to the Temple of Poseidon and I was told to go at sunset. What do you guys think of that advice?

Anyway, ahead of the trip, I thought I would research the place a bit.... Does anyone have anything to add?

Athens Full of Tourists’ as Greece Extends Tourism Season !

Has anyone here seen a performance n Epidavros?

I am so fascinated by Ancient Greek history and from what I understand, some of the ancient theaters are still intact and performances are being held there. I've been research Epidavros and noticed that they hold performances there in the summer. Has anyone been? What was it like?

I've seen footage online of people marveling at the amazing acoustics, and I want to experience this for myself.
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