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Go with care!.......the serious problems are the unregistered moonligting workers working under the radar...and all tourism industry is full of them all over the world..... unless they get more strict and go around the islands with testing kits.


Wow i’ve never seen mandates like this in other countries for un vaccinated people. It seems like Greece is stepping up their game
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Reward offered after beloved monk seal found killed in Greece.

Heatwave with up to 44°-46° C prolonged until Aug 6, Greece meteo warns

Zestee polleeee zesti Phedhia!!.... Just imagine,I have worked in these temperatures for many seasons, unbelievably tiring as my work was going around the island for guest relations.... Some early mornings it was necessary to begin the Delos Excursions at 8 am for the cruise ships...A lot of fun too....❤️

When is low tide in Greece?

We were at the beach yesterday and the tide was pretty low (picture below). When is high tide and low tide? Thanks!!
Screen Shot 2021-07-28 at 8.57.56 PM.png

Next 4 Weeks Crucial for Greek Tourism, Says Minister

Next 4 Weeks Crucial for Greek Tourism, Says Minister

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