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Greece Hits €12.7bn in Tourism Revenues in Jan-August

Archaeological Sites to Visit in Greece?

I am making a list of Archaeological museums to visit in Greece so that I can start visiting some of them. In my research, it occurred to me that many of the good ones are associated with archaeological sites. I realized I should visit those, as well. Here is a list of some top places I know I should visit. Please let me know if I missed anything:

- Delphi - is there a museum here?
- Olympia (for the site of the Olympic Games)
- Knossos Palace - and from what I understand the Heraklion Archaeological Museum houses a lot of the artifacts.
- Acropolis/ Parthenon - I have been here before, but the museum that is on site wasn't there at the time - and I figure I may as well visit again.
- Marathon - is there anything here? I know there's a lot of history
- Delos - I have seen pictures - it looks fascinating

I feel like I am missing a lot, but maybe this is a good start at least.

Athens car rental question

If I rent a car in Athens, do you think that I would be able to put it on a ferry to go to another island, like Crete?

My next trip to Greece is going to include visiting a bunch of people in Athens, not all of whom are in convenient locations to the metro, and then head to Crete. I like to have a car on Crete because I want to explore. I don't want to have to rent a car in two different places. Any suggestions?

Best places to visit on mainland Greece?

I know, the islands are a popular choice. I've been to the islands so many times, but I have seen very little of the mainland. I have been to Athens and the surrounding area, but that's about it. Do you guys have any recommendations for me? I am interested in seeing Corinth, the Peloponnese, the main archaeological sites like Delphi and Olympia and maybe Marathon. Is there anything else I should consider?

Best Archaeological Museums in Greece?

I am thinking of retiring to Greece. Right now, I suspect it will be on Corfu, but I haven't quite decided. I will be visiting Greece next year to get a feel for things.

When I go, I want to make sure I visit some of the best Archaeological museums I can find - because learning about Ancient Greek History is one of my favorite things.

Here is my list -please let me know if I forget anything!

** The museum at the Acropolis.

** Archaeological Museum in Heraklion

** The one in Thessaloniki

** Archaeological Museum of Corfu

Did I miss any that I absolutely should see during my trip? I'll be about a month in Greece, so I should have time.
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