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Honestly this makes me pretty happy. People need to stay SAFE!
Only to a certain extend... they are in a very difficult situation right now as high season rolls in.....

Look at these beautiful sunsets in Mykonos!

I love watching the sunset cast over the island 😍


Did you know that Mykonos has a castle that you can visit?

Just look at how beautiful this castle is on google earth. The castle is built on top of a beautiful small mountain. It is currently in ruins but still a great part of history. The castle was abandoned when the Ottoman Empire took over in the 14th century.

Some very nice images of Delos !

Where is the best place to be for New Years in Mykonos?

Are there any swanky restaurants or clubs that would be great for us celebrating New Year's and New Year's Eve in Mykonos? I would love to be somewhere that has great energy and perhaps fireworks and great food. I've had a really stressful year and I would love to celebrate the new year with a bang! Please let me know if you are in Mykonos, I would love to receive any recommendations from locals or those who frequently visit!

Happy Epiphaneia from Mykonou! Reposted from a dear friend Achim!

We used to watch this ceremony by diving in the sea in ice cold water to retrieve the cross!🤗🤗🙏🙏
Share and discuss your Mykonos photos, questions and experiences!

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