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My husband's Greek-American family celebrates Thanksgiving even though a lot of them are from Greece. They have a traditional Turkey meal with mashed potatoes, gravy, roasted squash, etc. I did notice that they also can't help themselves and regularly serve Greek dishes on the table like pastitsio and spanakopita. They also make these ground beef, rice, and chestnut dish they call "Greek stuffing". I am curious - what do you guys all do for a Greek-American Thanksgiving?


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That is exactly a Greek American Thanksgiving!! Don't Forget the Feta and olives!
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That is exactly a Greek American Thanksgiving!! Don't Forget the Feta and olives!
Ha ha, same here! It's been hard to find chestnuts lately, so sometimes we have to make that dish without chestnuts but other than that, you're right on.
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Interesting to hear that my family isn't the only one that makes that unique "stuffing." Interesting!

Words to Greek Silent Night carol?

I used to sing "Silent Night" in Greek - my mother taught me.

It's a beautiful song in all languages, but I love the Greek.

I thought I'd share a video of the song! I sing it every year with my family - it's become a tradition.

How much money to give at a Greek wedding?

I am going to be attending a wedding in Greece and am trying to gather information.

Someone in another thread I started about Greek wedding traditions said that Greeks typically give money at a wedding.

Do you know how I would figure out how much to give? What's customary?

Thanks in advance!

What are your favorite Greek Christmas traditions?

I plan to incorporate some Greek Christmas traditions into our celebrations this year. I live in the United States.

What are some of your favorite traditions?

So far I am learning about - the tradition of decorating boats, to kalanda, pomegranates, and traditions associated with the Orthodox Church.

Explaining Philotimo to a Non Greek

Philitimo is a concept that most of us in Greece and in the diaspora understand intuitively.

I have had nonGreek friends ask me to explain it.

How do you explain it? I usually work around explaining it by giving some examples (Ochi Day, Thermopylae, etc)...

I know there's no real equivalent word in the English language.
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