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I have heard of the tradition of decorating boats in Greece for Christmas. I think it's called karakavi? Does anyone know anything more about it? This isn't a tradition my family adopted but I have heard of friends doing it. I am thinking of adding it to our holiday celebrations this year.

From what I can tell, people who don't have an actual boat decorate models of boats. At first, I thought based on pics I had seen of Greece in the past, that boat owners were just being festive. lol
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The word for boat is "karavi" so what you mean to say is "karavaki"

Greeks didn't decorate trees in the last; they decorated boats for St. Nicholas. The ancient Greeks started this tradition. Today, many Greeks don't decorate boats anymore unless they happen to have them. Most just decorate a tree now.

Also, Santa doesn't come on Christmas, he comes on January 1.


My family has been in the United States for a while, and many of the old Greek traditions have gotten lost. No one in my family has done this thing with the ships, but it is something that I might want to experiment doing this year!

Greek opinions about Greeks

Whether you are a Greek or a descendant, What is your opinion/feeling about the ancient Greeks of a particular city or state? Spartans, Thessalians, Athenians, Ionians, .....

What to bring to church as a godparent during Christening?

I am so excited, I have just been asked to be a godmother. I know generally what is expected but I am trying to sort it all out. What is it that godparents need to bring to the Christening? I know that the priest usually provides a list but I want to start getting ahead of it. With Easter just behind us, I don't know how long it will be until I get the list. The Christening isn't for a few months, but I know that the church seems to be a bit behind and I have no idea how long it will be until I get the list!

What is dating like in Greece?

I am curious - what is dating like in Greece? The reason I ask is I have a younger cousin, college age, who is spending the whole summer in Greece.

She's been meeting Greek men over there who have been interested in her. She expressed that she is having a difficult time figuring out the right way to behave, or what to expect from the men. Any tips I can pass on to her?

Good Place to Find Greek Music?

I love to listen to Greek music. I usually just find music and playlists on YouTube but I am starting to get bored with what I can find there. Do you have any suggestions on where I can go to find free Greek music to stream? I like modern Greek music better than the old stuff, but honestly I like to listen to both kinds of Greek music.

Visiting People on Crete

While we are in Greece this year, we will be visiting some people that live on Crete.

They are very generous to us, and very nice people.

Basically we are there for a cruise stop this year, and they will be picking us up for dinner at their house.

We want to give them a gift. Any ideas? Is it appropriate to give a gift?
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