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I have heard of the tradition of decorating boats in Greece for Christmas. I think it's called karakavi? Does anyone know anything more about it? This isn't a tradition my family adopted but I have heard of friends doing it. I am thinking of adding it to our holiday celebrations this year.

From what I can tell, people who don't have an actual boat decorate models of boats. At first, I thought based on pics I had seen of Greece in the past, that boat owners were just being festive. lol
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The word for boat is "karavi" so what you mean to say is "karavaki"

Greeks didn't decorate trees in the last; they decorated boats for St. Nicholas. The ancient Greeks started this tradition. Today, many Greeks don't decorate boats anymore unless they happen to have them. Most just decorate a tree now.

Also, Santa doesn't come on Christmas, he comes on January 1.


My family has been in the United States for a while, and many of the old Greek traditions have gotten lost. No one in my family has done this thing with the ships, but it is something that I might want to experiment doing this year!

How do people in Greece exercise?

When I visit Greece, I am always amazed that I don't see fitness centers or gyms. How do people in Greece exercise? I did see a lot of workers and a runner or two on ny given day. What's strange is that I know plenty of people in Greece who actually go to the gym.

What is the general attitude for exercise and fitness in Greece? What do people do? I plan to visit Greece soon and I want to plan some workout time, and am just looking for ideas.

Would Love to Experience the Greek Kalanda Tradition!

I would love to experience the Greek Kalanda tradition for myself in Greece. Does anyone have any advice on how to make that happen this year? I plan to go to Greece in a few weeks to visit some people and hope to see this first-hand. It seems like a really great tradition.

Kalley Mera.... Kalllo Mina!

Kalley Mera Kalllo Mina..... Egaphi from Thailand to all readers here....we need to improve our readership!.... please recommend friends, colleagues and traveling community to come forward to join and participate and have fun with us!😂😂😍!

Celebrating Greek Name Days

What do people here do to celebrate their name days? Most people barely even remember all the name days, and last year I almost forgot about it. But I know that some people love to honor their name day. I am curious what people do. I have a friend who tries to go to church if there is a service. Other friends go out for dinner, as if they are celebrating a birthday.

Marriage between cousins surprisingly common in Bronze Age Greece -study

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