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Hello All,

Any recommendations on the best native Greek sites to meet people from Greece?

Planning to go to Greece this summer and am interested to connect with some new people...

Thank You


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I usually use Facebook (Greek FB groups) to meet Greek people. There's also YiaHara but I've never used it before, but I've heard pretty good things from my friends.


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I figured maybe FB or even Igram would be the sources, was not sure if the mainland had other social sites locals use... Appreciate your reply....
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I would also 2nd that Greek related local Facebook groups would be the best places to meet locals.

Good luck & Have fun in Greece! :)
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I haven't heard of any social media sites that are strictly operating in Greece. You could always interact with people on this forum though

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I am going to visit Greece soon to take some photos and enjoy the country in general (I am a photographer). One of the stops I plan to make is to the Temple of Poseidon and I was told to go at sunset. What do you guys think of that advice?

Anyway, ahead of the trip, I thought I would research the place a bit.... Does anyone have anything to add?

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