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I adore nougat candy, but here in Canada, the real stuff from Greece is challenging to find. I know, I can buy it online, but sometimes when I get it the candy isn't fresh, which is a bummer.

I am interested in learning how to make my own. Has anyone done this and found a good recipe?

I am seeing a lot of recipes online but most look Italian. Is it the same thing or is it a little different? I really just don't know where to start.

Stuffed grape leaves - how much filling?

I haven't made stuffed grape leaves in a while and I have some questions.

First of all, I am having a hard time judging how much filling to put in each leaf? I have a friend who helped me and tried to explain. She'd put a teaspoon of filling in the leaf, then add or subtract more after looking at it. She's quick rolling, and I have no idea how she knows how much filling.

And she really couldn't explain it - just said that you have to look at it and it's by feel. It sounds like my yiayia and she's younger than me! I told her that and she just shrugged. She tried to talk me through it as we were rolling together but it seemed so random to me.

Traditional Greek soups in Greece?

Most of the Greeks I know are from the United States - so it's been a few generations since a lot of them spent extended time in Greece.

From what I understand, Greek cuisine kind of changes. From what I can tell, in the United States, the most popular soup is Egg and Lemon soup (avgolemono) but in Greece, I don't see to as much or rather, hear of it as much.

What are the most popular soups in Greece?

Best Greek Wine Regions?

I'm on a quest to discover the finest vineyards Greece has to offer. With a winemaking history that spans over four millennia, it has a rich wine tradition even though a lot of people don't know much about it.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has explored Greek wine regions or from connoisseurs who have a particular fondness for Greek varieties. What regions should I place at the top of my list, and are there any specific vineyards or wines that are absolute must-trys?

From the famed Santorini Assyrtiko to the bold reds of Nemea, I'm eager to taste and learn about the exceptional flavors and story behind each bottle. Whether it's a little-known gem or an iconic estate, I'm all ears for your recommendations.

Making traditional loukaniko question

I’m on a culinary quest to master the art of making Loukaniko, the traditional Greek sausage that tantalizes taste buds with its savory blend of spices and herbs. I understand that each region and even each family might have their own special recipe passed down through generations.

Which leads me to my ask - could anyone who’s familiar with Greek cuisine share insights about the most common seasonings used in Loukaniko? I'm especially interested in any mix of spices that gives it that characteristic flavor profile.

I’ve done some preliminary research, but I’m looking for that firsthand knowledge. What's the blend that makes your Loukaniko stand out? Are there any particular secrets to perfect the authentic taste?

What do you serve for Greek Easter?

With Greek Easter just around the corner, I'm getting excited to celebrate with family and friends. One of my favorite parts of this holiday is the delicious feast we enjoy together. I'm curious to hear what dishes everyone serves at their Greek Easter gatherings.

Whether you have cherished family recipes passed down through generations or you're trying something new this year, I'd love to hear about it. From traditional favorites like lamb and tzatziki to mouthwatering desserts like baklava and tsoureki, every dish adds to the festive atmosphere.

So, what's on your Greek Easter menu this year? Are there any must-have dishes or special treats that you look forward to? Feel free to share recipes, tips, or simply your excitement for the upcoming celebration. Let's swap ideas and inspire each other to make this Greek Easter memorable!

Us? We are grilling a leg of lamb and serving it with lemon potatoes and fasolakia. For dessert we are doing some kind of a chocolate cake and of course koulourakia.
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