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If you're looking for cheaper car rental options, and the car rental companies located inside the Athens airport are too expensive, one of the best travel decisions that I made while travelling to Greece two years ago was renting a car that was just outside of the airport. There are many car rental companies in the town of Markopoulo and Koropi I will give you cheaper options. I recommend taking a quick taxi or bus ride to the town and picking up your car from there.


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Excellent tip! I did this a while back and it worked excellently.


This is such a great tip - such a time saver!

All about Sea Turtles (day) in Greece!🐢🐢 🐢

The biggest enemy of these beautiful creatures is the Humans!

Be aware! Some beaches in Greece may be nude

This is just something to be aware of when traveling to Greece and this may surprise you if youre not from Europe. Some beaches in Greece are nude, and when visiting a non-nude beach, you might see some women topless. This is not as popular is it used to be in Greece. I have noticed less and less women going topless but it still happens. It is not considered rude in Greece to do, especially in front of small children. If you don't feel comfortable, just politely move away or go to another beach!

Tourism poised to absorb job-seeking Ukrainian refugees |

Greece Joins Switzerland in Removing All Entry Restrictions!

Embrace the Greek way of life.A transportive Greek experience. Papadakis Summer Festival!

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