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I am in research mode. My wedding is next year and I feel like I am behind. I am not Greek or an Orthodox Christian, but I love Greece and the culture. Are there any traditions that it might be fun if I incorporate into the ceremony or the celebrations? I am not sure where to start!
When the priest says something like "the wife should fear her husband" the bride is supposed to step on the groom's foot to show she's not afraid.
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When the priest says something like "the wife should fear her husband" the wife is supposed to step on the groom's foot to show she's not afraid.
That's amazing! I love that!

I'd like to add.. If you have single bridesmaids, there's a tradition where they write their names at the bottom of your shoe. At the end of the wedding, the bride announces who will get married first. Usually, it's the name that rubs off the shoe first.
These are some great ideas! I think I might do both of them. Thanks, guys!
These are some great ideas! I think I might do both of them. Thanks, guys!
Are you planning your wedding ceremony in Greece? What location have you chosen? Or planning to choose. Just look for some ideas for future :)

When does Orthodox lent start this year?

I noticed our Easter is late - May 5th - but Western Easter is at the end of March. Has Lent already started for them? When does our Lent start?

This year, I plan to do a stricter Lenten fast, so I want to plan some things out in advance.

Lent is a time for introspection, repentance, and spiritual growth. Through the dedicated practice of fasting, prayer, and charity, believers seek not only to grow closer to God but also to better understand themselves in relation to God’s will.

Greek Wedding Traditions Roundup

I am helping someone plan her Greek wedding. I wanted to make a list of all the traditions we need to keep in time for the big day. Did I miss anything?

The Stolisma

The wedding day begins with the ritual of 'Stolisma,' where the bride and groom are prepared separately by their families. It's a moment filled with emotion, songs, and blessings, setting the tone for the day. I had honestly never heard of this. Do people still do it?

The Krevati

An amusing tradition is the 'Krevati' (bed making), where family and friends gather to decorate the couple's future bed with baby items, symbolizing fertility and a happy family life. Money is also often thrown on the bed for good luck and prosperity.

The Crowning (Stefana)

One of the most iconic rituals during the ceremony is the exchange of crowns or 'Stefana.' I believe they need to buy the crowns they want in advance?


No Greek wedding would be complete without 'Koufeta'—sugar-coated almonds given to guests as wedding favors. These bittersweet treats represent the ups and downs of married life and are shared in odd numbers to symbolize indivisibility and shared life.

Greek Name Days Celebrations

I have been encouraging my family and friends to let me know when their name days are. I know for my immediate family, of course, but I want to start honoring name days in addition to birthdays like they do in Greece.

But aside from wishing someone Chronia Polla, or happy name day, what else can we do? How do people in Greece celebrate? Is it much like a birthday?

Learning about hospitality in Greece

I was trying to explain to some non-Greek friends about hospitality in Greece. I feel like it's next level, but how do you explain it?

Could anyone help me explain any of the following:
  • Traditional welcome gestures in Greece
  • Common household customs when visiting a Greek home
  • Etiquette for showing appreciation to Greek hosts
  • Any specific do's and don'ts that a foreigner should be aware of

Netflix Show about Alexander the Great

I just noticed there was a show about Alexander the Great on Netflix. How is it?

I have been noticing some buzz that it's fairly controversial, but those who are unhappy about it ... I can't tell if they actually know about him, or if they are just upset about how he was depicted.

I am trying to figure out if I want to watch it so your honest reviews are welcome.

I have studied Alexander the Great a little bit and no a bit about his life, so I am sincerely hoping it's worth my time. I am between shows at the moment.
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