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One of my sons is considering backpacking through Europe and Greece. I have no idea about camping or backpacking...do you have any tips for going in Greece?
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One of my sons is considering backpacking through Europe and Greece. I have no idea about camping or backpacking...do you have any tips for going in Greece?
I just searched for you.
I can answer for Mykonos
2 very professional and big camping sites, knew both the business very well.
I would think all camping sites are well organized and managed well, they get a lot of camping and caravanning traffic from the European neighbors.... Enjoy!🤗
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what are the campsites in Mykonos called?


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what are the campsites in Mykonos called?
Paraga Beach Hostel & Camping
+30 2289 025915

Paradise Beach - CAMPING - Mykonos
+30 2289 022129
For all other information just go to Google maps and it will direct you to whatever you need ...


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I've never done it, but I am intrigued by it. I know that there are hostels in Greece that are really affordable - https://www.hostelworld.com/hostels/Greece
Very affordable and one feels young again with all the younger generation, good fun,we stayed in Paranga camping in Mykonos when we went there for a short visit, lots of parents travelling with their young ones, cool and comfortable, wooden bungalows, basic living.... when it's not in the room it's not necessary.... that is camping, amazing food and abundance of it on the Paradise beach camping, easily walkable....I see hostels are well organized as there are European campers from Balkans countries travelling on the mainland, easily assessable....this year will be different though! Kalley Mera!👋


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I've never done it, but I backpacked through Spain and it was unforgettable! Greece, Spain, and Italy are different, but have two things in common. The first is history. All of these places have beautiful historic buildings and places. I went to the mountains around Barcelona and I will never forget the view! So if you guys are thinking about which country in Europe to hike, Spain is a very good option. I love those mountains and hills too. However, sometimes it's physically hard to walk for a long time. So grab your tent, backpack, flashlight and other tools and utensils, and go for it! You will definitely never forget this wonderful experience.
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Making My Greek Travel Bucket List

I had a typical Greek-Australian upbringing in that my family came from Greece but trips back and forth growing up amounted to visiting friends and family. I really haven't seen much of the country and all that it has to offer. As an adult, I want to start visiting some of the places in Greece I really should see, but haven't had a chance. So, here's my list. What do you think I should add to it?

1. Visit the Parthenon - would you believe I've never really explored it? Usually we fly into Athens and then quickly move on to our destination.
2. Santorini - Again, I've never been. I want to go and see what all the fuss is about.
3. Kefalonia - I love hiking, and I heard this is a great island to explore nature?
4. Meteora - I've seen photos - it looks phenomenal and worth the trip.
5. Hydra - the fact that they don't allow cars here intrigues me - I know it's a day trip from Athens, but maybe it would be worth staying?

Any advice you give can help me plan a bit of a touristy trip to Greece. :) I do still have family and friends to visit, but I want to carve out some time to actually explore some places I have never been.

Good Wedding Destinations in Greece?

I am not Greek, but I love the country. I am looking at it as a potential wedding destination. Does anyone have any advice? I have no idea where to start. Someone said to find a wedding planner in Greece. Also, I am not 100% sure on the destination but I have narrowed it down to the following places:

1. Milos
2. Crete
3. Santorini
4. Mykonos

Any advice that you have for me would be great. I am excited for this chapter in my life, but I have no idea where to start. I would think that I need to find a destination before I hire a wedding coordinator?

Best Photo Spots in Greece?

I am a photographer and I love to travel to Greece to take photos. I am scheduled to travel there again this fall, and I thought I would make a list of some places to visit. I am also wondering if you guys have any recommendations! Here is what I have come up with - chime in with some suggestions, too - I will be in Greece for at least a few weeks:

1. Temple of Poseidon - Cape Sounion (I hear there are great sunset shots here)
2. Oia, Santorini at sunset - I haven't sorted out quite where in the village yet butI figured I'd figure that out when I get there
3. Chania, Crete (I need some from here for my collection)
4. Slice of life types of photos in Athens and other cities
5. Plenty of food photos all over Greece

Let me know if you have some standout places/ types of photos I should take.

Where to go - Santorini Vs. Mykonos?

I am trying to plan a trip to Greece. I do have some time because it won't be happening this year. I realized that I won't really have time to visit both Santorini and Mykonos, but I am also having a very difficult time trying to figure out which to visit. A big pro of Mykonos is that I love nightclubs. I think it would be fun to experience the nightlife there. However, I am completely captivated by Santorini and how charming it looks, and I am not sure if I even need nightlife on this trip... I don't know, I just want to hear your thoughts. It might help me make a decision!

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