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I would love to visit the casino in Rhodes! But I've never gambled in Greece, what is it like?


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I haven't gambled there, but I've stayed at the pool and it's such good vibes. It's unlike any hotell/resort in Greece because very few of them have a casino


Gambling in Greece is the same as it is anywhere. It's fun, and casinos always try to get you to stay longer than you intended. The vibe at the Casino in Rhodes is fun because it has all the typical things of any casino, but with a Greek twist.

I live on Rhodes & will answer any questions

Have lived on Rhodes for 12 years

Is the Rhodes aquarium any different from other aquariums?

I've been browsing a bunch of websites before my trip to Rhodes and some of them are suggesting that I visit the aquarium. Is this aquarium special or any different? I don't really want to waste my time visiting an aquarium that's the same as the one I can go to in my own city. Thanks


What is Paradise Village in Rhodes?

What is Paradise Village in Rhodes? And what can I do there? My cousin said that I have to go once I visit Rhodes. It looks beautiful:

paradies village.jpg

Taking my nephews to the Faliriki waterpark!

You'd think that the waterpark is only for kids but I actually had a great time! We went in the afternoon when it was less crowded and the kids had so much fun. I definitely recommend it! Check this vlog out:

What is the history of the Palace of the Grand Master of the Knights of Rhodes?

I'm thinking of adding it to my list for my trip, but I don't really know the history behind it... has anyone visited?



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