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Apparently this museum has more than 8,000 pieces of artwork. Does anyone know what type of artwork is at the foundation and can you let me know if you liked it or not. I would love to visit with my friends who love art. Thanks!


The foundation has a bunch of modern Greek art pieces from some of Greece's most famous artist! I haven't been but I've checked out the names of the artists and it seems like it would definitely be worth it, enjoy!

What types of things can I see at the Ataturk museum in Thessaloniki?

Does anyone know what type of artifacts are on display at the Ataturk museum? My friend from Thessaloniki said that I have to visit

ataturk museum.jpeg

Is it worth going on a guided tour of Thessaloniki?

I'm wondering if I should book a guided tour to really get to know the city well and learn about all of the history and culture. Is it worth it? And would you recommend a private tour guide or going in a group? I really want to learn more about the places that I'm visiting and not just walking around aimlessly

What are the cultural influences of Thessaloniki?

Thessaloniki seems to be culturally (and architecturally) different than some of the other places I've been to in Greece...does anyone know about the cultural influences in Thessaloniki? Was it maybe a prominent part of the Byzantine empire?

The beautiful Agia Triada Beach in Thessaloniki

Agia Triada Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Thessaloniki but I haven't been yet. I don't usually think of beaches when I think of Thessaloniki but judging by this picture it's a must see! What are your thoughts?


What can I do in Egnatia, Thessaloniki?

The Egnatia Quarter looks amazing! (My friend took this pic while she was there). I'm planning on visiting when I'm in Thessaloniki...and I'm wondering what else can I do in the area?



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