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If you were looking to get away from the heat of the city, Aegina is the perfect island to go to. It is a pretty quick boat ride from Piraeus and you can explore both ancient ruins and remote villages. The island is pretty big so I recommend you get a car or ATV/motorcycle. The island has amazing pistachios with many different traditional desserts made from the nuts. You can find many pistachio stores lined up right outside of the port that sell pistachio butter, pistachio brittle and pistachio honey. I always get a few pistachio souvenirs for my family and they love them!


Pistachio brittle, I’m drooling ♥️
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I love Pistachios, but I have never tried them from the island. I will have to try them when I get my hands on them!
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Please send some over this way to Thailand when you have time!😂👍♥️
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Has anyone here seen a performance n Epidavros?

I am so fascinated by Ancient Greek history and from what I understand, some of the ancient theaters are still intact and performances are being held there. I've been research Epidavros and noticed that they hold performances there in the summer. Has anyone been? What was it like?

I've seen footage online of people marveling at the amazing acoustics, and I want to experience this for myself.
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