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So, I plan to do a destination wedding in Greece. My fiancé and I plan to spend about month in Greece and we are inviting friends and family to attend the wedding. There are a lot who do plan to make the trip because they said they're excited to visit Greece.

At some point, though, we plan to ditch the group and have a honeymoon, just the two of us. The wedding will likely be on one of the popular islands, like Mykonos, Santorini, or Crete - but we plan to honeymoon in another spot, maybe a smaller island where we can have a quiet and romantic trip.

Do you all have any recommendations? We were even thinking that maybe the wedding can be in Mykonos and then we can go to Santorini or another island for the honeymoon.

I know, it would help if we could nail down the destination. We just hired a wedding planner in Greece and I am confident it will all come together. I was thinking to maybe even work backwards - pick a honeymoon and then select the destination. Wedding will be fall of 2023.


I think Santorini is a lovely place for a honeymoon but it gets sooo busy it might no be entirely relaxing. Do you know what kind of experience you want? A party atmosphere and kind of busy, or something a bit quieter? That will help narrow it down.


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My fiancé and I love quiet moments, but a good enough nightlife to keep us entertained. We want a place that has a healthy crowd, but not a crushing one - and definitely beaches!

How long to spend in Meteora?

I will be in Greece, staying mostly in the Athens area. There are some offshoot trips I want to do, and one of them is Meteora.

Is this truly doable in a day trip from Athens, or is it a good idea to spend a night or two in the area? I want to make sure I don't have loftier expectations than what is possible for seeing it...

UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Greece

I am interested in making a list of places to visit in Greece so that I can plan my next visit. I thought I would make a list of UNESCO World Heritage sites - I have been interested in these places in other countries, so I thought I would start here:

- Corfu Old Town
- Acropolis in Athens
- Meteora
- Delos
- Archaeological Site at Mycenae
- Delphi
- Epidaurus Archaeological Site

I know I missed a bunch, but it is a start. Anything to add?

Good Spas in Greece

Is it common to find spas while in Greece? I have bumped into some information about them, but I don't hear a lot about people who visit them.

I will likely be in Greece for a while - several weeks - and I am thinking I might need a down day or two.

I will be visiting Athens, Aegina, and Santorini on this trip.

Spending a Few Days on Aegina

I am helping a friend plan her trip to Aegina. I have been, but I forget the details and wonder if any of you can help.

There are some religious sites to see, such as the relics of Saint Nektarios, and I need help figuring out where on the island to go. Which Ferry port is best? What's the name of the church or monastery? Can I do this as a day trip from Athens?

Thanks in advance!

Is Free Camping allowed in Greece? Read this before you go!

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