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Today is megali deftera aka holy monday! What is everyone doing to get into the spirit of holy week?
My family is going to be making tsourekia and dyeing red eggs! We're also making magiritsa together as a family on Saturday night :) I cant wait

What is the significance of crossing the labatha over the front door?

Every year my family takes home the labatha from the holy fire of the church and crosses it over the door frame of the front door. Is this to bless the house? I don't know the actual significance of the tradition

Where can I buy Greek crosses online?

Do you have any good online jewelry stores where I can buy crosses?

Dying Easter eggs

Traditionally Greeks dye their red eggs on the Thursday of Holy Week. Greeks are really into tradition. I'm wondering what other people have come up with as being easiest. It has taken years of analyzing the way that works best for me, so I thought I'd share.... So, when I was a kid my mother used Ritz red dye, and we used to EAT the eggs. It's a miracle we didn't get poisoned. Then I decided to use red food coloring and eggs came out pink, not the rich red symbolic of the blood of Christ. Then I discovered that the Greek store (I go to Sophia's in Lowell, MA) sells dye specific for dying eggs with directions in both English and Greek on the back. So I followed the directions on the back and dumped the whole packet into a huge pan which ended up hard to clean. As time went on, I discovered I could use only ½ of the packet and use a small container, doing 4 eggs at a time. This year I only used ⅓ of the contents of the packet. So what do you do?

Can I use natural dye to dye red Easter eggs?

I've been trying to avoid toxins and chemicals these days. Has anyone used natural dyes to dye their eggs? Or even tried dyeing eggs with beet juice? Would it end up looking like the picture below or would it come out like a lighter pink?


Apparently some Greek festivals might be happening this year!


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