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Today is megali deftera aka holy monday! What is everyone doing to get into the spirit of holy week?


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My family is going to be making tsourekia and dyeing red eggs! We're also making magiritsa together as a family on Saturday night :) I cant wait

Check out “Worlds Apart,” a movie about the economic crisis in Greece

Worlds Apart is a great movie for those that want to understand the Greek economic crisis from multiple different perspectives. The movie is in Greek and English, so great for international audiences. It follows three different people and their journey with the economic and migrant crisis. Each story paints a beautiful and tragic image of what happened and is still happening in Greece. Let me know what you think of the movie!

Relaxing Greek music instrumental

This is one of the best Greek music instrumentals that I like to listen to when Im reading and working at home! Geia mas to all of the world wide Greeks community who like to have kefi and play some great tunes. Please post some great instrumentals in the comments, I love a good bouzouki solo! Cheers :)

Beautiful slideshow of Greek Christmas carolers to remember the old times

It's these types of videos that make me miss the old times in Greece! I have so many fond memories of visiting my family and carolling with my cousins. My favorite thing to do was play the triangle because it was so darn easy! I didn't even know all of the words to many of the songs but it was extremely memorable and fun nonetheless. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

A traditional Greek Christmas glendi (party)

This is the exact video I was watching last year in the middle of the pandemic, savoring time dancing with old friends. This is one of the most popular Greek tv shows that showcases Greek culture in the best way. In the video, you will see some of the most popular Greek songs with Greek dances and its of cheer and kefi! I hope you enjoy and that your Christmas is just as happy. Xornia Polla se olous kai kali xronia!

Where to shop for wedding dresses in Greece from local Greek designers!

As many of you may know, Greek weddings are a huge part of the culture in a really important way for both families to celebrate the union of love under God. Greece is also one of the best places to go clothes shopping! Especially for big items like wedding dresses because they aren't shipped from elsewhere (if you're getting them from a Greek designer that is). The quality is also super high and usually worth the price. My cousin goes to fashion school and she highly recommends Greek and Italian fashion designers! Here are a few that I have been looking at online.

Share and discuss Greek traditions related to Greek weddings, christenings, dance & holidays!

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