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Are there certain tours that I can take with a boat that takes me to these caves? Or do I have to get to the caves myself by chartering my own boat?

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When I was in Zakynthos, I did not want to do this, but after seeing the amazing water it is well worth it! I would read the TripAdvisor reviews for the local tours. My advice would be to go on an off peak time (like early in the morning or later in the day). There are less people which is always a great thing for these type of tours!

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That looks like a stunning tour! I would definitely do this....

Breaks 12-month Short-term Rentals Record.

Yes that's all well and good....the downside to this as is all over the European destinations that there aren't any rentals available for locals,the rents are extortionate,the areas once neighbourly don't exist anymore!.....And with it arrives inferior quality travellers!

TripAdvisor: The Greek Hotels In The World’s Top List For 2023

Best historical destinations in Greece?

So, I love history and I plan to go to Greece this year. I know I will be visiting in Athens and Crete. I will have time for one other place, but with such a distance between Crete and other places, I am not sure what makes sense. Some possibilities:

  • Explore mainland Greece after Athens and before Crete
  • Head to Rhodes after Crete
  • Visit Thessaloniki and the surrounding area after Athens and before Crete
  • Head to Santorini or Mykonos after Crete so I can visit Delos


Small island densely populated located in middle of a calm lagoon in Western Greece connected to the mainland by two 30 meter- long stone arch bridges of the 19th Century!

Anything to actually do in Piraeus?

I am traveling to Greece this summer and flying into Athens. I will spend a few days there, then head out for a cruise. I am trying to figure out where to stay. When I ask, no one tells me to stay in Piraeus, which would be the most convenient option. Is there a reason no one is stying near Piraeus? Or am I missing something?

So far, I am thinking of booking a hotel by the Acropolis - but I want to consider all my options.
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