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Are there certain tours that I can take with a boat that takes me to these caves? Or do I have to get to the caves myself by chartering my own boat?

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When I was in Zakynthos, I did not want to do this, but after seeing the amazing water it is well worth it! I would read the TripAdvisor reviews for the local tours. My advice would be to go on an off peak time (like early in the morning or later in the day). There are less people which is always a great thing for these type of tours!

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That looks like a stunning tour! I would definitely do this....

Milos island is becoming more popular than ever!

I'm not even surprised that Milos is one of the most up and coming Greek islands this summer. So many of my friends are planning on visiting, and I have some cousins who went last year and have nothing but rave reviews. The island is pretty small, and known for its amazing beaches. As you can see in this video, it almost looks like you're on mars. The crowd is a little bit older, and the island is more slow paced and quiet. So I wouldn't recommend it fora younger group looking to go out a lot. Personally, it sounds like a great time to me!

Greece's Astypalea Hosts Parkour's Most Prestigious Competition .

What are some Greek work from home tips?

I’ve been considering being a traveling nomad ever since my company switched to being fully remote. I would love to do this in Greece, but I am a bit skeptical since I have never visited for more than two weeks. Has anyone from abroad started living in Greece during the pandemic? Or do any Greeks have advice on what transitioning my life and work would be like? I live in Australia at the moment but have little to tie me down here. Thank you everyone

Clubs in Athens

I’m in Athens right now and I’m looking for the best nightclubs with a younger crowd to go to. Any suggestions?
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