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Are there certain tours that I can take with a boat that takes me to these caves? Or do I have to get to the caves myself by chartering my own boat?

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When I was in Zakynthos, I did not want to do this, but after seeing the amazing water it is well worth it! I would read the TripAdvisor reviews for the local tours. My advice would be to go on an off peak time (like early in the morning or later in the day). There are less people which is always a great thing for these type of tours!

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That looks like a stunning tour! I would definitely do this....

Be aware! Some beaches in Greece may be nude

This is just something to be aware of when traveling to Greece and this may surprise you if youre not from Europe. Some beaches in Greece are nude, and when visiting a non-nude beach, you might see some women topless. This is not as popular is it used to be in Greece. I have noticed less and less women going topless but it still happens. It is not considered rude in Greece to do, especially in front of small children. If you don't feel comfortable, just politely move away or go to another beach!

Tourism poised to absorb job-seeking Ukrainian refugees |

Greek tourism industry bounces back despite Europe's cost of living crisis.

They are already discussing to increase the hotel rates by at least 25%!

What is the cheapest island in Greece?

This post is for all of my budgeters! I would love to know if anyone has advice on inexpensive islands visit in Greece. I have found that over the years, the prices of hotels and restaurants are increasing and getting way too expensive. I would love to keep traveling to Greece, because it’s my favorite destination but I don’t want to break the bank either. Any advice from seasoned Greek travelers? Thanks 😊
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