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Do you have any tips for travelling with kids in Greece? I have three kids and my husband and I are planning on visiting next summer, going to Athens and Crete.
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Crete is definitely a great place to go with kids. There’s plenty of nature and smaller villages that are great for exploring. The only issue is that the island isn’t super accessible by walking or transit, so you’ll most likely need to rent a car. My kids really enjoyed going to the beach and playing beach volleyball or playing in the sand. It tired them out and they were ready for a nap in the afternoon.


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It depends on the ages of the kids! For the flight I make sure I always pack tons of their favorite snacks, activities and download their favorite movies on an ipad! Once in Greece it's pretty easy if you rent a car and use gps. There are so many beaches, parks, shops, and sites to see. I also can't recommend airbnb or other home rental sites enough! Having your own apartment with a kitchen is very convenient and offers a great space for the kids to relax after a day at the beach. An apartment also saves money on food as you can prepare some meals and snacks at home.
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The great thing about the city is that there are many kids play places in the area. They usually offer a cafe where the adults can drink coffee and relax while they watch the kids play.

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