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When I visit Greece, I am always amazed that I don't see fitness centers or gyms. How do people in Greece exercise? I did see a lot of workers and a runner or two on ny given day. What's strange is that I know plenty of people in Greece who actually go to the gym.

What is the general attitude for exercise and fitness in Greece? What do people do? I plan to visit Greece soon and I want to plan some workout time, and am just looking for ideas.
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There are plenty of gyms in Athens. I haven't seen any in Plaka/Monastiraki, the usual touristy suburbs, but go just a little bit out and you should see plenty of gyms. I frequent Exarcheia and there are a couple of gyms I walk past daily. Not sure how to find out what gyms are available throughout Athens though. You might have to google it.
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They exercise like everyone else; they go to the gym, run, swim, walk, hike, bike, etc... gyms in Greece aren't like what you see in America where they are really big and noticeable. In Greece they're small and unnoticeable to most tourists.
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Oh! That all makes sense. It sounds like I possibly could have even passed some and not even noticed. Thank you, both, for chiming in and offering your advice!
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I was wandering around Heraklion on Crete a few years ago and stumbled on a packed gym! There were a lot of people there. And, I noticed a lot of people running over by the fortress. It seems that Greeks are health conscious.

Would Love to Experience the Greek Kalanda Tradition!

I would love to experience the Greek Kalanda tradition for myself in Greece. Does anyone have any advice on how to make that happen this year? I plan to go to Greece in a few weeks to visit some people and hope to see this first-hand. It seems like a really great tradition.

Marriage between cousins surprisingly common in Bronze Age Greece -study

How do you choose a name day?

I am wondering how you guys all choose a name day to celebrate. For example, I have a friend named John, and there are multiple saints that have that name. He said he chose the saint that resonated the most with him. I have another friend, also named John, who celebrated a different one because that is the one that the parents had selected. How do you know what the right choice is?

When does Greek Lent start?

I know that Greek Easter is a week after Western Easter this year - sometime in Mid April. I actually observe Western Easter, but I love Greek cooking and culture, so I joined the forum.

I want to learn more about the religious side of things for Greeks. I know that lent is coming up, does anyone know when it starts? I am talking about Greek Lent. I might borrow some Greek lenten recipes as time goes on for my own lenten journey... But I will post on that when the time comes.

Kalikantzaros - Spooky Christmas Tradition

I am learning a bit more about Greek Christmas traditions, and I just bumped into something pretty spooky - the kalikantzaros, which are Christmas goblins. What really strikes me as that they aren't cutesy Christmas goblins. They appear to be pretty mean! Does anyone know more about them? They are a part of folklore not only in Greece apparently, but also in Serbia, Bulgaria, etc. I would love for you guys to share what you know about them.
Share and discuss Greek traditions related to Greek weddings, christenings, dance & holidays!

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