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My Greek friend is getting married early next year but I still haven't received an invitation. Is this normal in Greek Culture? Because I know that in the states some people send them out year in advance or something like that

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This is a great question!

I have not heard of a set time, the thought is the earlier the better, however during the pandemic I have heard of numerous Greek weddings in the US and Greece getting postponed several times so this is why they might be waiting to send out the wedding invitation.
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2-3 months is the norm in Greece. They don't send save-the-dates either. If your friend is in Greece, then it is possible that he/she doesn't know that wedding invitations are sent out several months in advance in some countries outside of Greece.
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I was invited to a Greek wedding once just two months before. It was a casual wedding and we were only invited to the church so it really wasn't a problem


I was invited to a Greek wedding once just two months before. It was a casual wedding and we were only invited to the church so it really wasn't a problem
We were already staying in Greece at the time so we didn't need to make plans in advance or anything. I guess that's the issue, if you're not living in Greece you will probably need to plan far in advance for your travel plans


In Greece, the mindset often is to invite everyone they know, and invites trickle in gradually. Weddings can be quite the party in Greece. Same thing as in the United States, but the difference is that there's a set process to follow in the United States, but in Greece it isn't like that. If someone told you loosely six months ago who is from Greece that the wedding is happening, it's almost like you can consider that your invitation.

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