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I think so many people forget that Santorini is such a small island. I would love to stay there forever, but I know that it may not take longer than a few days to check out the whole island. Do you think that nine days is too long to stay there? Do you recommend that I visit another island during those extra few days?

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This is a tough question!

It really depends if you want to see other Greek islands or if you want to stay and spend a week or longer in Santorini. Personally, Santorini is my favorite Greek island that I have visited and I could spend weeks there LOL :)


How to eat your way through Santorini

You have to eat your way through Santorini!!

Share your pictures of the famous red beach in Santorini

This is probably one of the coolest beaches ever! I would love to see your pics from your Santorini vacations, please feel free to share them in this thread!


Are all of Santorinis churches operating?

I’ve seen so many wonderful pictures of Santorini...which have SO MANY amazing churches. Are all of these churches functioning and providing church services? Or are some of them repurposed into other things and they just kept the exterior architecture.

Where are the best places to hike in Santorini?

I love hiking and being active!! Where are the best places to explore and hike on the island?

Learn about ancient art from Santorini sculptor!

Share and discuss Santorini photos, questions and experiences!

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