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I wonder how much of modern Greek culture is based on the Byzantine and Ottoman empire and how much is from ancient Greece. I'm not Greek but my husband is and I'm trying to learn more about the culture, any help and opinions from all of you have been super helpfuL!
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I would say not too much. I think majority comes from Byznatine and Ottoman, especially Byzantine thought because so much of Greek culture is influenced by religion. If you want to truly learn about Greeks you need to understand the way they think!! :)

Where can I buy Greek tsokara shoes?

I've always loved these shoes. I've been told they're called tsokara but I'm not sure what they're called in English. They're a woman's sandal made of a hard wood material and with a strip going along the top. Does anyone know where I can find this online?

They look exactly like this picture below but usually I thought they'd be cheaper

To-Go and Covid Safe Greek Festivals!

To-go Greek festivals are the new way to celebrate Greek culture! There's one happening in New York on June 5th and 6th where you can pickup food. I'm not sure if there will be other types of vendors there but I know the whole event is covid safe!

The Christmas boat is the original Christmas tree in Greece

How to dance kalamatiano!

This is one Greek dance that always confuses me and I find myself googling the moves before every Greek party that I go to. I hope this video helps!!

Why do Greeks smash plates?

I never really understood this concept....can someone explain it to me?


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