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Hi everyone! I'm new here :). I'm trying to write a story about Daedalus and Icarus, but consulting several sources, I figured out none of them mentioned Icarus' age. In latin he is referred as "puer", which means a boy between 7-17 years old, so he surely is on the young side. I was just wondering if he was a pre-adolescent (12,13) or a bit older such as 15 or 16. It's a little difference, but it really influences the maturity of the kid. If anybody knows, any help would be very appreciated :))
ps: sorry if my english isn't perfect, I'm actually italian lol


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I think the common thinking is that he was around 12 or 13, but you're right, I have seen different ages. He is referred to as a "boy" in the stories, so that rules some things out. I think that the common, most accepted way of thinking about his age is that he was old enough to know better, but not so old that he was an adult - and still a boy. My guess is, around 11-13.

Kronos and Zeus had the most ultimate battle

I never even knew that Kronos and Zeus had a battle over the universe until now. Zeus was not always the king of gods....he actually had to beat Kronos in a battle to become the king. Zeus became the king meaning he had power over every single god and he also was able to carry out punishments, which he did using his power over controlling the weather. He is the best Greek god for sure!

List of Greek Myths that Happened on Crete?

I am making a list of places on Crete that have to do with Greek Mythology and I am wondering if I missed anything:

* Cave of Zeus (Diktaion)
* Knossos Palace
* Minotaur's Labyrinth
* Paximadia - I read someone this is where Artemis and Apollo were born supposedly?

Did I miss anything or get anything incorrect?

ZEUS re-appraised

We know the many myths about him and we fear his thunderbolts, but now science reveals his benevolence. THUNDERSTORMS are needed by the rain forests and to prevent deserts. LIGHTNINGS change the air nitrogen into N oxides, needed for agriculture. THUNDERS , fill in........................

The Muses of Greek Mythology?

I have been studying more about Greek mythology lately and I bumped into information about the Muses. It seems like there is some conflicting information, especially regarding their names and functions. It could just be that there's not a lot online.

Can anyone recommend a good source to get Information about them, or maybe even a book I can read?

Most interesting stories of Greek mythology?

I have gotten into studying Greek Mythology. So far, I have looked into the story of Icarus and the War of the Titans. Does anyone have any advice for stories I should check out? On my list also is to read the Iliad and the Odyssey. I tend to like stories of adventure - the Icarus tale I found to be sad... but I would read anything.

I remember in school I had to read a book about Greek Mythology - I forget the name of it - but it had a bunch of stories in it.
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