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You have to eat your way through Santorini!!

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You have to eat your way through Santorini!!

I love the idea of eating your way through an island! Thanks for sharing :)


Excellent video! There are so many delicious things to eat on Santorini and this video went over some of my favorites...

Holistic cooking experience in Santorini

I love this concept! Learning about Santorini through food is excellent :) You can get a group of people and eat a private dinner cooked specialized by a chef. Its a full gastronomical experience. I would love to experience it one day

Where can I rent ATVs in Santorini?

In which area of Santorini do they have ATV rentals? Are you able to drive ATVs throughout the whole island? Any general tips on renting would be super helpful! Thanks

What is a typical price of a subbed in Santorini?

Will I have to break the bank to go swimming at a private beach in Santorini?

When are the busiest times at the ferry port in Santorini?

When is the busiest time at Fira? I would love to arrive with the ferry at a time when its less busy

New Raddison hotel opens in Santorini!

Thoughts on chain hotels on the island? Im not a huge fan tbh...
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