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This video shows ferry hopping from Paros and Naxos


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Thanks for sharing this great video! Having been to Paros and Naxos, this is very accurate and great!

Here is more information as well:

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Is it easy to rent an automatic car in Greece?

I really really wish I could drive stick, but I just can't...how easy is it to rent automatic? Thanks

Up to 50% Off on Last Minute cruises in Greece!

An offer not to miss.... Galileo was always docked at Mykonos, She is one of the beautiful Yachts I have seen....Had I been there I would most certainly take up this offer....At this of the year one can negotiate too!👌❤️

These islands in Greece have the best beaches!

Lets be honest, good beaches are the most important thing for a good vacation :) These are some of the best in my opinion after doing some research and looking at a bunch of pictures: Crete, Santorini, Mykonos Zakynthos. Because Crete is such a big island, they have the most options and the most variety in the types of beaches

Greek Economy:This is phenomenal growth!

Why are there so many half built buildings in Greece?

There are like SO MANY…someone please explain why!! I’m super curious 😎
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