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Time and time again, I find myself a little bored of the classic Greek desserts with nuts and syrup, like baklava, kataifi, etc. One of my favourite things to do is switch up the desserts and different variations is to rosewater, orange blossom water, or orange zest to the syrup. Another thing I do quite often is switching out the types of notes that I'm using. Any recipe that is made with walnuts or pistachios can be substituted for either. Another great nut that you can use is almond! You can always mix two different types of nuts, or all three. My personal favourite is adding pistachio, because it adds such a nice and vibrant green colour. Lets shake things up!!


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I raise you chocolate and pistachio baklava!! This is my favorite combo



I agree with you! For family gatherings I typically serve the family's traditional recipes, but when I want to experiment, I like to play with different flavors. I once bumped into a homemade chocolate phyllo recipe which made a baklava that was AMAZING. I wish I knew where I saw the recipe, I Haven't been able to track it down since.


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Syropiasta is something I love making. I've started adding pecans to my recipes because 1. I love pecans, and 2. Pecans aren't used in Greek dishes, so I like to see how it changes the flavors
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Syropiasta is something I love making. I've started adding pecans to my recipes because 1. I love pecans, and 2. Pecans aren't used in Greek dishes, so I like to see how it changes the flavors
Nice idea, I like switching it up too. I add orange blossom water to some of my syrup recipes so that they have a hint of an orange aroma. Turns out great.

How to make the best french fries!

Even though they were popularized in the United States, french fries are a staple of Greek cuisine. The Greeks do them much better than anyone else! Greek french fries are thick cut, and always made fresh to order. We don't use frozen fries and we always fry them in high quality oil. Here is how to make the best Greek fries

How to make a creamy Greek chicken pasta!

This recipe is perfect for a big family with kids who are picky eaters! You can make this pasta in only 15 minutes, which is the best part! If im cooking it for adults, I always like to add a bit more vegetables since my kids don't really like veggies. You can always choose fresh artichokes or canned, but canned is definitely much faster. Let me know what you think of this recipe!

Try and make this unique Greek fig and honey yogurt cake

This recipe is one of them most unique that I have ever seen! I have never tried making it, but I would love to. Has anyone eaten this or made it before? I'm not sure if its a common recipe in Greece. I love that this recipe uses olive oil and Greek yogurt, which I try to incorporate in as many recipes that I can.

Where to get the best gyros in Athens

Athens has some of the best street food in Greece! You can pretty much get great street food anywhere in Greece, but these are some of my best suggestions for the next time that you're in Athens. I recommend ordering a gyro pita with tzatziki, french fries, tomatoes, and onions! It's the classic gyro and you won't be disappointed.

- o Gyros Pou Gyrevis
- Tylixto Greek Wrap
- Just Pita

How to make a gyro completely from scratch

Making gyros can be pretty simple… but also pretty complicated. If you're in the mood for a challenge, I recommend that you check out this video and try making all of the different parts of a gyro from scratch. This is what I like to do if I have a little extra time on my hands, and want to impress my family lol. Of course, ordering takeout is always a great option, especially if you're supporting a local Greek business.

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