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The Athens Riviera is just stunning! Great recommendations in this link :)
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I agree, the Athens Riviera is a great place. I try to go every time I am in the Athens area!
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I love island club! Great vibe and I recommend it :)

Restaurants with a View in Athens

I am putting together a list of restaurants to try in Athens and I want to have multiple moods on it... Sometimes, I want to dine purely with a view, sometimes I just want a really great meal.

I found this article - what do you guys think of these places in the article? Do you know of any great places with a view in Athens? Ideally the food will also be excellent:

Sometimes I don't have luck with TripAdvisor places, because I am not sure the people voting are necessarily locals...

Athens Full of Tourists’ as Greece Extends Tourism Season !

Great Athens Restaurants for Dining

I love the restaurants in Athens - they're just so amazing. The chefs in the city do a great job giving a variety of foods from Greek cuisine, from the old to the new. I found this link with a nice list of nine restaurants that I plan to try. What do you guys thing? Have you been to any of these?

Cretan Wine fair returns to Athena!

Share and discuss your Athens photos, questions and experiences!

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