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Remember that koboloi you were gifted but never got around to using? That's probably because you don't actually know how to use it! A koboloi is a traditional Greek way to pass the time, fidget, and count your "worries." It is most commonly used by older Greek men, but pretty much anyone can have a koboloi. And if you're wondering, this is a great tutorial on how to use it.



This is so cool! I have a bunch of these but I never really knew the right way to wear them.

Greek Government Tradition of not being helpful, so how does one move ahead?

Hi everyone, I live in Canada. Trying to renew my very outdated Greek passport here in Vancouver and no matter what paperwork I send the Greek consulate, they ignore it all and pretend they know nothing and ask the same questions again and again. This has been going on now for over 2 months. I thought I would post this here as part of Greeks legendary bureaucracy for a few laughs, but seriously, any thoughts on how to proceed?

Koufeta or boubounieres are the most popular Greek wedding favors

Koufeta which are also called boubounieres are Greek wedding and baptism favors. They are usually nuts covered in chocolate and wrapped in soul with a ribbon. The candies are usually white or pastel colored. They are handed out as a favour at the end of the wedding or baptism, and as a way to say thank you or remember the wedding or baptism. I see more and more families being a bit more creative with their favorites. Last year I went to a wedding where a small jars of honey or hand it out, it was very neat.

How formal are Greek weddings usually?

I'm going to a Greek wedding this summer as someone's plus one, and I really have no idea how to dress for the wedding. My date isn't really giving me a lot of advice, and she doesn't usually go to a lot of Greek weddings herself, so I'm a bit clueless. If anyone could give me advice on how formal Greek weddings usually are, I would really appreciate it.

What a Greek adult baptism looks like

Many adults will get baptized into the Greek Orthodox Church, whether for marriage reasons or because they discovered the religion and fell in love with it. The adult baptism process can be intimidating, and many don't know what the process actually entails. It is not very different from the baptism of a baby, since the process is religiously the same. Here is a video of the ceremony of an adult :)

What to do when you’re invited to a Greek persons house

For those who aren’t Greek, there is a lot of etiquette that goes behind visiting peoples houses. First off, it is considered very normal to invite someone over to your house. You don’t need to know them very well, and it is considered a kind gesture. When you get invited to someone’s house, expect them to offer you food, desserts, or drinks. It is also expected for you to bring something. This can be desserts or wine usually. After you leave their house, it is also customary for you to invite them to your own house.
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