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Hello, any suggestions in order to find a job in athens in advertising or marketing? Thank you!


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Hello! I suggest reaching out to anyone you know who's working or living in Greece/Athens. You never know who knows someone who can help you out or that works in marketing. In Greece, many people find jobs through word of mouth and people always hire friends of friends. It's not the most western way, but that's just how Greece works. If you don't know anyone, that's okay! You can also try looking for jobs on Linkedin and try searching by location. Good luck!

What is shopping at the Athens laiki (farmers market) like?

I've always wanted to visit an authentic Greek farmers market (this is a pic of the one I go to in Toronto, I love it!). Are there any good ones in downtown Athens? If so, where are they and do you have any tips?

farmers market.jpg

Can Athens be romantic?

Hey everyone, like i’ve posted before, I’m going to be travelling to Greece for my honeymoon. I really want to visit Athens, and explore all of the history and culture but i’m not sure if it can be romantic for my husband and I? Any advice?

Greek Social Sites

Hello All,

Any recommendations on the best native Greek sites to meet people from Greece?

Planning to go to Greece this summer and am interested to connect with some new people...

Thank You

Is the Benaki museum worth it?

Hi guys, is the Benaki museum worth the trip? I’m backpacking through Europe on a budget, and I’m trying to see what the most “bang for your buck” places are.

Best places in Athens for history buffs?

My Greek husband LOVES history and we’re putting together an itinerary for our trip to Athens, any tips? He loves ancient history and modern history, so it doesn’t need to be about mythology and architecture (I know Athens is really popular for that).


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