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I'm a 22 year old woman and even though my family is Greek I haven't traveled to Greece alone. I'd love to go on a solo trip this year around the islands. Do any women have experience traveling to Greece alone? I'm a bit scared to try it out for the first time
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I would say it's quite safe. It's more dangerous in places like Athens or Thessaloniki, especially at night. If you're going to the islands I wound't worry. Just keep an eye out and try your best to stay in areas with other people! Stay safe and good luck :)
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What is the destination in Greece for a honeymoon?

Where is the best spot? I'm looking for something romantic and secluded :) thanks

Where can I find a small picturesque village in Greece?

I'm looking for a small village to visit and get a taste of true authentic Greek culture, kind of like the one in the picture below. Where can I find something untouched by tourists?


Do you recommend staying in youth hostels while in Greece?

Have you ever stayed in a youth hostel while in Greece? And if so, what was it like? I'm trying to plan my backpacking trip to Europe :)

Should I get a new sim card to have data in Greece?

What do you guys do when you travel to Greece? Do you get a prepaid sim card when you visit? And which phone providers do you recommend?

What is taboo in Greece that tourists need to be aware of?

I hate when tourists do cringy things when they're abroad! What are some things that non-Greeks need to be aware of before traveling?


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