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Crete is just so huge I don't know where to start. Have anyone of you visited the Firka fortress? Is it worth it?
I loved visiting the Firka fortress! The tour is a little slower paced, and doesn't compare to the fun of visiting beaches and festivals. It's a really good choice if you're into history

Traditional Greek Music

Does anyone know the names of some Greek kids songs? The kind that may be sung in elementary school?

What is Cretan culture like?

I love getting to know the specific culture of the places I travel to. I've heard that Crete is pretty unique! What's special about Crete that I can't experience anywhere else?

How can I experience history up close in Crete?

I am thinking of going on some historical tours and visiting museums in Crete. Do you have any advice for some good historical sites to visit? I’m looking for something a bit more experiential. I love history but my husband isn’t so into it. Any advice?

Do you have a favorite area in Crete to visit?

Crete is large enough where it's not an easy trek going from one end of the island to the other for a day trip, so I like to choose an area to stay in and then focus on exploring it. My personal favorite is the area near Chania, but I have stayed near Heraklion, as well, and liked it. Where do you guys all like to stay when visiting Crete?

What is your favorite city in Crete?

I'm trying to plan my itinerary and I want to hit up as many cities in Crete as possible. What are your favorites? :)


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