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I've been browsing a bunch of websites before my trip to Rhodes and some of them are suggesting that I visit the aquarium. Is this aquarium special or any different? I don't really want to waste my time visiting an aquarium that's the same as the one I can go to in my own city. Thanks

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Honestly there wasn't much of a difference. There are way better and way more unique things to do on the island than go to an aquriaum. Your intuition is right


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How different could an aquarium truly be? I wouldn't suggest it


If you have a lot of time on the island and are looking for something to do on a not so nice day, visiting the aquarium couldn't hurt. However, I wouldn't go at the expense of something you really should see, such as the historical area with the Knights of Saint John, and you should definitely prioritize visiting at least one beach. In the rare instance of rain, or if you have kids that are having a hard time being amused and you can get them excited about the aquarium, I say go for it!

Birds eye view of Monolithos Castle in Rhodes

Monolithos Castle is a stunning castle that was built in the 15th century and remains until this day. This is a birds eye view of the castle so you can get a good idea of what the ruins look like. The Castle is located in the the village of Monolithos which is about a couple of miles from the city. There is no fee to get into the area and walk around and its open pretty much all day!

Take a day trip to Symi island from Rhodes

Taking a day trip is the easiest way to see many of the islands in Greece. Symi is a pretty small island, so I don't recommend spending many days there. What you can do is take a short ferry to the island and spend it walking around, exploring and heading to the beach. If you're lucky, you'll be able to check out the annual music festival which features artists from around Greece.

We had snow last night on Rhodes

Most of the island had the snow.Even on coastal areas like faliraki & afandou. The 1st time in 35 years

Did you know that the Italian influence in Rhodes is HUGE!

Many people don't know that Rhodes' Italian influence is pretty recent and not from Roman times. The last time Italians set foot in Rhodes was in 1943 after World War 1. It was only until 1947 that Greek became a part of the modern Greek state. Italians really contributed to the development of the island and to the culture and architecture. This is one of the reasons why Rhodes is so unique and has a pretty different vibe than some of the other islands.

Another earthquake hits waters near the island of Rhodes

Another earthquake hit the waters near island of Rhodes this week, it was pretty small and there aren't any damages or losses on the island itself. Many of the islands suffer pretty frequent earthquakes because of their proximity to volcanic and tectonic plates. The island is prepared for this and takes many precautionary measures. The earthquake was 4.5 magnitude which would usually cause slight damage to buildings but gladly it was in the water.
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