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In the Greek airport, I’ve seen many different types of packaged baklava that I assume people bring home as souvenirs and gifts. Is there any brand or store that people have tried that is good and not too sweet? I would love to get some and see if I can also order them online if they ship internationally.


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Yes, klostari (κλωστάρι) baklava from Ioannina is probably my favorite baklava. As for finding one thats not too sweet, that'll be hard because it is "syropiasta" meaning it's a dessert made with a lot of syrup.


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Yes, klostari (κλωστάρι) baklava from Ioannia is probably my favorite baklava. As for finding one thats not too sweet, that'll be hard because it is "syropiasta" meaning it's a dessert made with a lot of syrup.
I haven't heard of this brand, thank you. I will be on the lookout next time I go to Greece.

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This company too has excellent baklava or "syropiasta" sweets
I've had their baklava before! I highly recommend it!
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Mastic ice cream is the best dessert for summer

Greek mastic ice cream is one of the best summer desserts. It has such a unique flavor, and is made from traditional Greek ingredients. You can usually find this ice cream packaged in a grocery store, from a Greek pastry store, and some people even make it at home. If you would like to try to, here are some recipes that you can use.

Recipes using feta cheese!

These are the best recipes that you can make from feta cheese! You can also sprinkle feta cheese on pretty much anything, but I like to incorporate it into these :) I like to use Greek feta cheese brands like dodonis, it's a traditional Greek brand that they now sell in the US

1. Tiropita
2. Briam with feta cheese
3. Feta saganaki
4. Whipped feta cheese dip

Do you know where honey gets its taste?

A little known fact, is that the flavor of honey will depend on where the bees are getting their nectar. Meaning that if the bees are getting their nectar from sunflowers or evergreen trees, your honey will taste totally different and have a completely different color! I personally love evergreen honey! This video explains it much better than me...check it out

Try and make this unique Greek fig and honey yogurt cake

This recipe is one of them most unique that I have ever seen! I have never tried making it, but I would love to. Has anyone eaten this or made it before? I'm not sure if its a common recipe in Greece. I love that this recipe uses olive oil and Greek yogurt, which I try to incorporate in as many recipes that I can.

How to make a refreshing watermelon drink for the summer!

Now that it's heating up, I thought it would be very helpful for everyone in the World Wide Greeks community to make a watermelon drink for the summer! Whether you are going to be in Greece or in your home country, you can still make this drink. I must say though, that the water melons in Greece can't be beat! The recipe is very simple, and doesn't require much preparation. Here it is...

-Cut up 1 whole watermelon and blend in a blender in batches
-If the mixture is very thick, you can add water to your liking so that it is more like a juice rather than a smoothie
-if you like, you can add many different flavour variations like mint, orange juice, or lemon. I prefer mint :)
-Strain to remove seeds
-Add ice and serve!
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