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Santorini is inundated with tourists but I am wondering if there is anywhere on the island that may not be as busy but is still nice to visit. Or, that is maybe close to the busy areas but not too close. I love Santorini, and my family has never been. I want them to see it, but I don't want it to be stressful.

I am wondering if I should just forget it. I have heard stories about how expensive and busy it is in the summers.


I’m not sure that there is any out-of-the-way place left in Santorini. However I agree with you. It is a very unique and important place to visit. In spite of the fact that Greece is now being heavily promoted as a year-round destination, you should definitely try to avoid Santorini in July and August, unless that interferes too much with (I assume) your children’s school schedule. You could also look for accommodation in a village like Pyrgos or other inland village and rent a car which would give you flexibility to get around and find those quiet spots when the cruise ships arrive and everyone else is on the cliffs! The other secret is to get up early and walk the cliffs (Fira to Oia) before people are awake and people have disembarked from the ships. It can be a blissfully quiet and stunning walk as the morning fog rises out of the Caldera. Unless the cruise ships have changed this, Sunday morning can be a good time to explore Greek towns in general - before the shops are open.


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I think this travel hack "get up early" to enjoy a popular destination works every time. It's really hard to take a photo if the place is already crowded and somehow disappoints you. So, if I really want to enjoy and appreciate its beauty, then I don't mind waking up early.

Accomodation sept 2024

i know its a long way away,but we are going to a wedding and would like to be in Oia.2 adults,2 children,4 yrs and 6 year.
we would like to be central,maybe near the public pool area,or around there.2 bedrooms .
Needs to be a readonable price per night as we are there for 8 days
Any ideas would be great.

These are the top two foods to try in Santorini!

Santorini has some of the best sunsets, but also some of the best food! The island has so many fantastic restaurants, many of which are taking a modern twist on traditional Greek cuisine. Two of the must try foods that are local dishes in Santorini are domatokeftedes (tomato fritters) and fava. Here are pictures of both dishes!

Where to explore the history of Santorini

Santorini has such a deep and rich history that definitely should be explored on your next trip to the island. The Ancient Byzantine Castle is one of the best places to start your exploration of the history of the island. The Byzantine Empire played one of the most influential roles in the culture in history of ancient Greece. The empire was led by Christian rulers, who spread the Greek orthodox religion throughout the country. You can also visit the Akrotiri Archaeological Site which shows ruins from the bronze age, dating back to 1600 BC. Safe travels!

Santorini has the most delicious tomatoes...

One thing I learned while visiting Santorini is that the tomatoes were quite the experience! They had a different shape and they were small and sweet. I heard that they were different because of the unique soil on the island.

I loved the tomato croquettes (domatokeftedes) and any dishes that involved tomato sauce. I found a pic of the tomatoes:


Is Santorini actually overrated?

I keep hearing this statement over and over....and I'm kind of confused. I loved Santorini when I went, as you can see in my profile picture. I loved riding the donkeys with my kids and exploring the island. I get that its crowded and a little overpriced but I think it was an unforgettable experience. I wouldn't have taken it back and gone to another island! What are your thoughts for those that have been?
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