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Any advice for island hopping from Rhodes? I have a few days free after I land

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I highly recommend Symi!! I went on a day trip while I was in Rhodes and it was one of my favorite places to visit in Greece
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Due to COVID restrictions island hopping is difficult.
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Due to COVID restrictions island hopping is difficult.
Yes I would recommend sticking to one place this year. It will probably keep you safer from catching covid anyways

Best Food Experiences to Have on Rhodes?

I'm planning a trip to Rhodes and am eager to dive into its culinary scene. I'm looking for recommendations on the best culinary experiences the island has to offer.
  • Must-Try Dishes: What traditional dishes should I not miss?
  • Top Restaurants and Tavernas: Which spots are renowned for authentic local cuisine?
  • Local Markets: Are there any markets where I can sample local produce and street food?
  • Unique Food Experiences: Any cooking classes, food tours, or wine tastings you’d recommend?
I'm a fan of fresh, local ingredients and love discovering hidden gems, whether it's a seaside taverna or a bustling market stall. Any tips or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated!

Are there festivals in the summer in Rhodes?

I’m planning a trip to Rhodes, Greece, and I've heard that the island is not just about stunning beaches and breathtaking landscapes, but it’s also rich in culture and offers a variety of festivals throughout the year. I’m really excited about the possibility of aligning my visit with one of these cultural events!

Can anyone share recommendations for festivals in Rhodes? I’m interested in anything from traditional Greek celebrations to music, art, and food festivals. Anything that will allow me to soak in the local culture and make my trip even more memorable.

I usually just "see the sites" when I am in Greece. This is my second time on Rhodes, so now I am looking for something different to do.

Visiting Ancient Ramiro's on Rhodes

I realized I have never seen this site and I am traveling with history buffs. I thought I'd ask you all for some advice:

  1. Best Time to Visit: What’s the best time of year to explore Ancient Kamiros to avoid the crowds but still enjoy good weather?
  2. Getting There: Are there public transportation options available, or would renting a vehicle be advisable? Any tips on parking or the best times to arrive?
  3. Must-Sees: Within the site, are there any particular spots or artifacts that are a must-see? I'm interested in capturing some great photos and soaking in the history.
  4. Tour. Should I take a tour? Anything to recommend?

Web cameras on Rhodes

There are several cameras. go to youtube.com
search for DHMOS RODOY

Honeymoon in Rhodes?

I have to help someone plan a honeymoon in Rhodes. It can be a romantic place, especially if you love history.

I need some help, though, figuring some things out since I have only ever been here with my family. Where would you stay? What would you eat? What would you do?

Any advice you have would be great - I can think of plenty of things to see and do, and places to eat, but I've never thought about them from a romantic perspective.
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