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Any advice for island hopping from Rhodes? I have a few days free after I land

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I highly recommend Symi!! I went on a day trip while I was in Rhodes and it was one of my favorite places to visit in Greece
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Due to COVID restrictions island hopping is difficult.
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Due to COVID restrictions island hopping is difficult.
Yes I would recommend sticking to one place this year. It will probably keep you safer from catching covid anyways

Update on Rhodes after the fires?

I know that Rhodes had a rough summer. I am starting to think about planning my trip to Greece for September 2024. I don't know yet what my plan is, but I always wanted to go to Rhodes to see the Lindos Acropolis area and the Knights of Saint John. I have some people in my party who are history buffs and they would be thrilled if we finally went. We didn't go last year because of all that was going on in the island.

But, I am starting to see Rhodes appear again on Cruise itineraries, and cruising might be a possibility for us because we will be traveling with multiple generations.

For those of you who know the island well, or even might know people on the island, what do you think?

New to the forum looking to start a business. Maybe travel

Hope everyone is doing well through the lockdown in the uk, I’ve joined this forum recently due to wanting to get into detailing and valeting for a while now, in November I got my first bit of kit and I’ve been doing my car and dads car quite a bit.
I’ve been thinking over the idea of starting my own mobile valeting business, hopefully leading to a detailing business down the line. Obviously it’s a bit of a weird time in the country right now so I’m not rushing into anything, I’m just here to ask if anyone here has their own business at the minute? How are you finding it, and how did you start your business from scratch? What techniques did you use and how did you advertise and set up?
Any help would be appreciated, many thanks I look forward to seeing your replies
Stay safe everyone

Arhipoli kiosk & animal reserve

Just outside Arhipoli is a kiosk selling olive oil & other products. Nektaria the owner has a reserve next door. Here together are peacocks, donkeys, horses & adult red deer with their fawns. The deer are very friendly & like being fed fruit.

Greek island of Rhodes seeking to attract tourists during winter also!!

It might surprise the reader that in my first job in good ol'London town after leaving school in a package Holiday company Rhodes was a thriving winter destination together with Crete and Corfu and Epirotiki Lines were cruising around the Greek islands in the 70s....It always had been an alternative to cold weather conditions in winter months....the same as Spanish Islands..... Kalley Mera from Thailand and Monsoons raining heavily here!

Holiday season coming to a close in Greece & the islands

Soon tavernas/bars & shops will be closing until 2024.By mid november it will be very quiet.
Share and discuss your Rhodes photos, questions and experiences!

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