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I am planning a trip to Greece and am going to be visiting Rhodes for the first time. I also plan to spend some time in Athens. I feel like I need to visit one other place. Maybe another island that is easy to get to from Rhodes? Which islands are close and also worth visiting?

I heard Kos was pretty close to Rhodes, as well as Semi, Tilos, and Karpathos. I think there might be others. Is Patmos close? That might be a good one. I only have enough time in Greece for one more place.


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Patmos is about 5 hours by ferry from Rhodes
Have a look @ Halki
The fastest ferry takes 30 mins.


Patmos is about 5 hours by ferry from Rhodes
Have a look @ Halki
The fastest ferry takes 30 mins.

Of these I recommend Patmos! The island has a lot of history, and it is also the home to one of my favorite beaches in Greece. It was so relaxing there!

World Travel Awards 2022: Greek Tourism clinches global distinctions

It has taken many years in the making as far back as 90s for Greece to be a Globally recognised Tourism Destination....by this I mean having worked in Tourism Industry every year there was a different country for incoming Tourism traffic.... now collectively the arrivals are International..... Very proud about this!❤️❤️👏👏!

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Where in Mykonos is this?

I bumped into a pretty pic of Mykonos - I am still trying to plan that trip with my friends! We are still considering Mykonos, even though some people are iffy. I found this pic - it's so pretty. Does anyone have an idea where this is, and what the vantage point is? One friend is saying she would love to try to replicate the scene from this photo if we do make it to that island...


Islands for a Day Trip in Athens Area

I am now starting to think that Athens area is a good location for a getaway for me and my girlfriends. It seems like the Athens are has everything that we need, plus it's easy to get around without renting a car.

We are interested in going on a boat for a day trip and visiting an island - maybe using that to visit a beach that is a bit further away. Does anyone have recommendations? I have heard Hydra is easy to get to from Piraeus for the day.
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