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The open air cinemas that are found all over Greece are such a cool experience! This one in Santorini is supposed to be one of the best:


I heard there are not many taxis in Santorini...what do I do?

How do you get around other than taxi?? Please help!!

New Raddison hotel opens in Santorini!

Thoughts on chain hotels on the island? Im not a huge fan tbh...

Does Santorini tend to be more windy than other areas of Greece?

I have had it with this global heat!! I can't stand sweating and being so sticky, so Im looking to vacation in a place that's breezy and windy, and I'm hoping that Santorini is a bit cooler than other areas in Greece. Is this true? Or should I be looking elsewhere

Holistic cooking experience in Santorini

I love this concept! Learning about Santorini through food is excellent :) You can get a group of people and eat a private dinner cooked specialized by a chef. Its a full gastronomical experience. I would love to experience it one day

What scuba diving is like in Santorini

This is a sneak peek into what you can see while scuba diving in Santorini

Share and discuss Santorini photos, questions and experiences!

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