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Hope is a word we all love and live with.....In Buddhism it is complimented with "Faith"♥️♥️


Greek vocab words that are helpful to know when shopping!

Shopping is one of my favourite activities to do while traveling! Greece has some pretty excellent stores as well. I hope you find these words helpful! These are just some clothing items, I will add more later :)
  • clothes – τα ρούχα – ta rooha
  • coat – το παλτό – to palto
  • jacket – η ζακέτα – i zaketa
  • hat – το καπέλο – to kapelo
  • pants – τα παντελόνια – ta pantelonia
  • shoes – τα παπούτσια – to papoutsia
  • socks – οι κάλτσες – i kaltses
  • shirt – το πουκάμισο – to lookamiso
  • purse – το πορτοφόλι – to portofoli

What do you need to know if youre planning your wedding in Santorini

Please add any tips below that weren't mentioned in the video!

Share your Greek tongue twisters!

I love this one, does anyone know any more?

Φίλος έδωσε σε φίλο τριαντάφυλλο με φύλλο. Φίλε, φύλαγε το φύλλο, μην το δώσεις σε άλλο φίλο.

Which translates to: A friend gave to a friend a rose with a lief. Friend, keep the leaf, don’t give it to another friend. Its super hard to say in Greek

What is your favorite Greek tradition? Mine is name day celebrations!

I love name days! They're like birthdays but even better, and my favorite part is that people are able to share them with their family members who have the same names. Every year, on a specific day, most Greek people with Greek names will have a "name day" that is the day of the saint who corresponds with their name. Expect a bunch of family members to show up to your house with gifts!

Did you know that Greek wedding rings are an Orthodox tradition?

In the United States and all around the world, a wedding ring signifies an engagement and a future marriage. It's not necessarily a religious symbol, it's more cultural. In the Greek orthodox religion, wedding rings or a tradition that signifies the "exchange of the rings." Most wedding rings will have the partners name and engraved on the inside or the date of the wedding.
Share and discuss Greek traditions related to Greek weddings, christenings, dance & holidays!

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