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I have started making kolokithopita a lot in the autumn because I love butternut squash this time of year. This is how I make it:

I make a filling with pureed pumpkin or squash, a bit of sugar (I do it by taste because it depends how sweet the squash or pumpkin is), cinnamon, and nutmeg. I make this as pita triangles in the same way I would tiro pita or spanakopita triangles.

Do you guys also make this dish? What do you do? I have been wondering if I should mix some soft cheese in the filling, like a mascarpone or ricotta or the equivalent soft Greek cheese. Has anyone ever done that?


I prefer the ones with butternut squash over the versions with zucchini. I add a little honey to mine. Other than that the prices is similar to what is found typically in recipes. I add a little cinnamon too. It's a great treat for this time of year!
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Thank you! Quick update - I did mix a little soft cheese in the filling for my last batch. I liked it but I am not sure I will do it again because it cut down on the taste of the pumpkin.


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Thank you! Quick update - I did mix a little soft cheese in the filling for my last batch. I liked it but I am not sure I will do it again because it cut down on the taste of the pumpkin.
Hi kcixcy,

I’m glad you experimented with the use of a soft cheese. But your observation is correct. The cheese would over power the delicate aroma and flavor of your pumpkin. If you want to use cheese with your pumpkin, try making a kolokithotiropita. It’s is out of this world.

I want to make Domatakeftedes at home...

I saw a recipe in a Greek cookbook somewhere called "Domatakeftedes" or tomato croquettes. It looked delicious, but I can't find it!

Does anyone know of any good recipes? I love tomatoes, and I had this dish once somewhere and thought it was amazing. From what I understand it's a specialty on Santorini? Thanks for your help!

Greek Thanksgiving "Stuffing" Recipe?

Thanksgiving is coming up, and I am trying to track down a recipe. I had a Greek friend verbally describe what this is, but I need a recipe to follow if someone can help me out. His family recipe involves:
  • Onion
  • Ground beef
  • Rice
  • Water or broth
  • All spice, cinnamon, oregano (I thought he said oregano but I am not 100%)
  • Roasted chestnuts
I think maybe I can guess that the onion is sautéed, the ground beef needs to be browned, the rice is stirred in and water or broth is added, and the chestnuts are roasted separately and stirred in at the end?

Thanks for your help! I am learning that Greek cooks have most of their recipes in their brains.

Thinking about street food in Athens ...

I am planning a girls trip to Athens and there is a woman we are traveling with who absolutely LOVES exploring street food. So, I told her I would ask you guys for recommendations. I know to watch out for gyros, souvlaki, pita, street corn, chestnuts (I know the corn and chestnuts are seasonal and I don't quite know when we are visiting yet. It's a big group and a lot of moving parts lol).

I am looking for not only what to look out for in terms of food, but also if you have recommendations as to a location where they have the best. Thank you in advance!

Anyone have a good koulouri recipe?

Is making koulouri a simple matter of making a regular bread dough and then forming it into rings? I loooove koulouri when I go to Greece, and I am unfortunately not always able to get to Greece. I need a way to make this at home.

I love the type with the sesame seeds, and I also love the sweet ones. How do you make those? Can I make like a tsoureki but form it into instead?

Briam Greek Roasted Vegetables Recipe from Cooking Greek Cookbook

One of my favorites elements of Greek cooking is the wealth of hearty vegetable dishes, and this Briam recipe is an absolute classic. It is filled with flavor, and you can either serve this as a side dish or a meal when served with feta cheese and bread. The Cooking Greek cookbook has a great version of it and has a classic combination of ingredients, like eggplant, zucchini, and potatoes. It's an easy dish to put together and I like to make a big pan of it and eat it over the course of a few days.

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