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Sand is overrated!! This seems way more fun to me than a sandy beach. It's natures diving board LOL


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Wow, what an amazing video, Corfu is truly amazing!!
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This looks really fun - this is an amazing video! Sand is good sometimes, but places like this are really a great time!

Are there any good medical centres/hospitals in Corfu?

I like to stay ahead of things in case anyone gets sick. Does anyone know where I can get good medical attention in case anything bad happens (God forbid)

La Grotta beach has a beautiful rocky cliffside

Sand is overrated!! This seems way more fun to me than a sandy beach. It's natures diving board LOL

Has anyone been to Nissaki beach? Its the best!

I love this beach so much! Its one of the most underrated beaches in Corfu in my opinion!


Did you know about Corfus traditional carnival?

The carnival in Corfu happens on the three Sundays leading up to Lent. The holiday starts on the Sunday of the Prodigal Son, which will be Sunday, February 20 in 2022! Start making your travel plans now! You can check out the carnival in Corfu City in either Liston or Spianada squares. Locals walk around in aristocratic costumes and there are great games for kids!! I highly recommend checking out!

Mouse island is only a five minute boat ride from Corfu!

Mouse Island (Pontikonisi) is only a five-minute boat ride away from Corfu is amazing!! It is said have the remains of Odysseus’s ship after Poseidon turned it to stone. The beaches are stunning and there is a great view of Kanoni across the water. There is also a Byzantine chapel of Pantokrator and may have served as the inspiration for the famous painting Isle of the Dead.
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