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If any one is lucky or has an opportunity to be on Galileo they will never ever forget these experiences.Many years I formulated an itinerary for Aris Drivas Yatching and Galileo was in Mykonos for an initial practice and presentation sailing around the Cyclades!I didn't have time to go sailing with her, just being on board and seeing her again moored in Syros for many days was just magical..

This is what Athens looks like today!!

Athens air unhealthy as my friends informed me!

Visiting Athens Advice for Families

We're planning a family trip to Athens this summer with our kids (teenagers) and would love some advice. We want to make the most of our visit and ensure there's something enjoyable for everyone.

Does anyone have recommendations for family-friendly activities or must-see attractions? We're particularly interested in historical sites, interactive museums, and any kid-friendly tours. Also, are there any parks or outdoor areas that would be great for picnics or leisurely strolls?

Additionally, tips on family-friendly restaurants or cafes would be greatly appreciated. We’re eager to experience local cuisine but want to make sure there are options suitable for our kids.

Athens Nightlife Questions

I'm currently planning a trip to Athens, Greece, and I've heard so much about the nightlife there. I know that there is great nightlife here, I've just never done it.

Given the vast array of options, I'm reaching out to this community for personal recommendations and insights. What are your favorite nightlife spots in Athens? I'm interested in hearing about places that offer unique experiences, whether it's a bar, club, etc.

If you've had an unforgettable night out in Athens, please share:
  • Name of the place
  • What makes it stand out (music, drinks, crowd, view, etc.)
  • Any tips for newcomers (like dress code)
Also, if there are any must-know cultural etiquettes or tips for enjoying Athens' nightlife responsibly, I'd appreciate learning about those as well.

Thanks in advance for sharing your experiences!

Visiting Mount Lycabettus Question

I have never been to Mount Lycabettus, although I've been to Athens a handful of times - it just never came up to go here.

Here are some questions I have:

A few specific questions I have include:
  • What's the best time of day to visit Mount Lycabettus? Is it good at sunset?
  • Are there any hiking trails that you'd recommend?
  • How difficult is the trek up the hill? Is it suitable for beginners or those not used to hiking?
  • Is the funicular railway worth the ride, or is it better to walk?
  • Are there any facilities (like cafes or restrooms) available at the top or along the way?
  • Do you have any safety tips or things to watch out for?
Thanks in advance!

Ancient Eleusis Archaeological Site

I have been to Athens several times, and I didn't know this place existed. Ithas caught my interest due to its rich mythology and pivotal role in ancient Greek religious life.

I understand that Eleusis was a significant center for religious practices, most notably the Eleusinian Mysteries—secret ceremonies held in honor of Demeter and Persephone. However, my knowledge barely scratches the surface, and I’m eager to learn more before my visit.

Has anyone visited it? I don't know much about it and I am trying to figure out if it is worth it. I love Ancient Greek history and mythology and this has the potential to be interesting to me on a lot of different levels.
Share and discuss your Athens photos, questions and experiences!

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