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I see in some Greek recipes, such as for stuffed cabbage, that some of these dishes are finished by an avglemeno sauce. However, sometimes they just say "finish with Avgolemono" and the recipes, which are homemade, don't go into detail about how to make it.

These recipes were written by friends and other people. I think they just assume everyone knows how to do it.

I understand the general concept of making a sauce like this, but where are they getting the broth for it? Is there a different process to take than the one needed to make the soup?


When making avgolemeno for dolmades, you can drain some of the liquid they've cooked in and use that as broth. For avgolemeno soup, it's easy to take some of the soup broth to use.
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When making avgolemeno for dolmades, you can drain some of the liquid they've cooked in and use that as broth. For avgolemeno soup, it's easy to take some of the soup broth to use.
This is great advice! Thank you so much!


I try to drain off some of the liquid and use that, then I'll add chicken broth or something if I need broth. Sometimes there really is not enough broth to take so I just use chicken broth.

What do Greeks eat for breakfast?

Do Greeks take breakfast seriously? I heard from some friends that many Greeks do eat brunch, but that seems more like a once in a while thing. What do Greeks eat for breakfast on a regular basis? I have observed all kinds of things, from nothing to maybe a tiro pita or something bought on the street, washed down with a Greek coffee. Also, I have seen people eat fruit and nothing else for breakfast.

Various Ways to Use Greek Yogurt

I love Greek yogurt and I currently am learning how to make it. I thought I would share with you all what I do with it. Some of it is in "Greek cooking", and I also have other uses. My list:
  • I blend the yogurt into my morning smoothies with fruit for added protein - I don't like protein powder.
  • I make a yogurt cake and Greek yogurt is my favorite type of yogurt in the recipe.
  • I make a pasta dish that uses yogurt, kind of like an Alfredo sauce.
  • I love making tzatziki...
How do you use Greek yogurt in your cooking?

Greek clay pot cooking tips

I have been reading about some traditional recipes that involve clay pots. I noticed that this is fairly common throughout Greece, but it isn't common necessarily with the Greek diaspora in places like United States, Canada, and Australia. What happened when the people moved to those places? Did they adapt the recipes or keeping using these methods and I just don't realize it? My family must have adapted because no one uses clay pots anymore.

I am trying to figure out how to get started with this cooking method while not in Greece. I am honestly not even sure where to start.

Traditional Foods of Corfu?

I am headed to Corfu soon in early July and I am so excited! I have never been. I want to sample traditional foods. In most of Greece, some dishes were similar no matter where you go, and then there are some regional specialties.

Are there any regional specialties I should look for in Corfu?

Walnut cake fell apart - help!

I found an old recipe for Greek walnut cake in my family's recipe files. Something had spilled on it, it was written in pencil, and I couldn't read the writing that well. So, I cross referenced the recipe with recipes I found online.

Well, the cake didn't hold together. It was crumbly and completely fell apart when I put my fork through it.

Although I would like to know why, I think my best way out of this situation is to try again with a foolproof recipe I know WON'T fall apart, and then maybe I can reverse engineer what happened and rewrite my family recipe! Any suggestions?
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