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It has been a while since I have made chicken kapama. A recipe I found has me doing a spice rub with cinnamon, cloves, salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar. It seems like an extra step - I am willing to do it if necessary, but in talking to people, I don't think everyone does this step.

I have a friend whose family just browns the chicken in a pan after seasoning the chicken with salt and pepper, then they put cinnamon in the tomato sauce when it simmers. I think at some point on the process they also sauté an onion. This version seems easier than the recipe I found. What do you guys thing?
I do that extra step but my recipe doesn't include sugar. I don't cook a lot of sugar. Sometimes I brown the chicken without the spices, though, before proceeding. It always tastes great but does taste a little better when I use the spices.
This might be similar to what I am trying to cook. Do people typically use rice or orzo in the dish, or is this a different dish than what I am thinking of?

Can you make your own rusks?

I love Cretan Dakos!
There's something about the combination of the crunchy rusk soaked with the juice of ripe tomatoes, topped with fresh cheese and olive oil, that has me hooked!

However, given that I live in an area where it's challenging to find authentic Cretan rusks, I'm contemplating on whether I can bake my own at home. I'm curious if anyone here has attempted to make rusks suitable for dakos from scratch.

I know I can order then online. I tried this, and they didn't survive the shipping too well.

Stuffed grape leaves - how much filling?

I haven't made stuffed grape leaves in a while and I have some questions.

First of all, I am having a hard time judging how much filling to put in each leaf? I have a friend who helped me and tried to explain. She'd put a teaspoon of filling in the leaf, then add or subtract more after looking at it. She's quick rolling, and I have no idea how she knows how much filling.

And she really couldn't explain it - just said that you have to look at it and it's by feel. It sounds like my yiayia and she's younger than me! I told her that and she just shrugged. She tried to talk me through it as we were rolling together but it seemed so random to me.

Roundup of Easy Recipes to Start Cooking Greek Food

I know a lot of people who want to start cooking Greek food but are intimidated. I want to help them out by brainstorming a list of "easy win" foods to get started making.

Here's what I have - do you have anything to add?

  • Greek Village Salad (Horiatiki)
  • Tzatziki
  • Greek Lemon Chicken
  • Greek Lemon Potatoes
  • Souvlaki
  • Greek yogurt with honey and walnuts
  • Grilled Halloumi cheese
  • Fasolakia
  • Briam
  • Greek style lamb chops

Current food trends in Greece?

I understand that Greece is just like other countries where there might be food trends, new dishes, etc to enjoy.

I'm looking to understand more about the latest trends that are currently shaping it. I'm particularly interested in how traditional Greek recipes are being reimagined by modern chefs, how regional variations are gaining popularity, or if there's a rise in any particular ingredients or cooking methods.

Is anyone here keeping tabs on contemporary movements in Greek food? Maybe you've dined at a restaurant that surprised you with a modern twist on a Greek classic, or you've come across new food blogs with innovative recipes.

The cuisine of Greece is as much about the traditional recipes we all love as it is the trends and the way the cuisine moves forward!

Best Greek Wine Regions?

I'm on a quest to discover the finest vineyards Greece has to offer. With a winemaking history that spans over four millennia, it has a rich wine tradition even though a lot of people don't know much about it.

I'd love to hear from anyone who has explored Greek wine regions or from connoisseurs who have a particular fondness for Greek varieties. What regions should I place at the top of my list, and are there any specific vineyards or wines that are absolute must-trys?

From the famed Santorini Assyrtiko to the bold reds of Nemea, I'm eager to taste and learn about the exceptional flavors and story behind each bottle. Whether it's a little-known gem or an iconic estate, I'm all ears for your recommendations.
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