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I have been having trouble with frozen phyllo - it sticks when I take it out of the package. I will try to switch to a different brand, but I am wondering if I should actually give making my wn phyllo a try? Do you guys have any tips for me?

I found this recipe - does it look good to you guys? I have never done this before:



Frozen phyllo dough should be thawed overnight in the refrigerator, and then the next day left out at room temp for about 2 hours. That should make it easier to use and handle, and do work quickly as it dries out quickly, so the faster you put your dish together, the easier it will be to work with.
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I agree - definitely make sure that the phyllo is thawed overnight in the refrigerator. I would try that before making your own phyllo.
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It must be thawed overnight in the 'fridge, or you'll never be able to do anything with it. You can leave at room temperature for about 2 hours before using. It helps to work quickly, that way it won't dry out much, and you can place a damp dish towel underneath wax paper of the phyllo. If you have excess for the size pan you're using, just fold it over, If it's small, piece together some other sheets to fill in. It does not need to be neat and tidy, work swiftly, brush with butter, and keep going. It doesn't matter how you piece it together, as after it's baked it will all be smooth.

Have all ingredients ready to use before starting assembling with the phyllo. I can usually assemble a pan of baklava in about 10 minutes. If a sheet cracks or breaks, it doesn't matter, just put another one over it. If you're making baklava, score the pieces before baking, so when you pour syrup over it, it will sink in to all pieces. For spanakopita or any other type of pita, you don't need to score.
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Luana, thanks for all the help. I did exactly what you said, and the problems I had been having with phyllo stopped! I never realized that the way it's thawed makes such a huge difference.


Luana, thanks for all the help. I did exactly what you said, and the problems I had been having with phyllo stopped! I never realized that the way it's thawed makes such a huge difference.
You're very welcome! Glad I could help. I don't think there's any info on the box of phyllo. I learned this from one of my aunts, or I wouldn't have known it either. It also helps to have all ingredients ready to go before you start with the phyllo. I can assemble a pan of baklava in about 10 minutes, once the nuts are chopped, then I start with the phyllo and brushing with butter, and work quickly. Phyllo dough is very forgiving. If a sheet breaks, just piece together, after its baked, you would never know it.

Walnut cake fell apart - help!

I found an old recipe for Greek walnut cake in my family's recipe files. Something had spilled on it, it was written in pencil, and I couldn't read the writing that well. So, I cross referenced the recipe with recipes I found online.

Well, the cake didn't hold together. It was crumbly and completely fell apart when I put my fork through it.

Although I would like to know why, I think my best way out of this situation is to try again with a foolproof recipe I know WON'T fall apart, and then maybe I can reverse engineer what happened and rewrite my family recipe! Any suggestions?

Various Ways to Use Greek Yogurt

I love Greek yogurt and I currently am learning how to make it. I thought I would share with you all what I do with it. Some of it is in "Greek cooking", and I also have other uses. My list:
  • I blend the yogurt into my morning smoothies with fruit for added protein - I don't like protein powder.
  • I make a yogurt cake and Greek yogurt is my favorite type of yogurt in the recipe.
  • I make a pasta dish that uses yogurt, kind of like an Alfredo sauce.
  • I love making tzatziki...
How do you use Greek yogurt in your cooking?

Special way to make a Greek omelet?

I love omelets. I know that they serve them in Greece sometimes. What is considered to be a traditional Greek omelet exactly? I had one in Greece when I visited people, and it seemed like they had a mixture of things in it, some of which I believe was foraged.

I personally love greens, cheese (like feta), and olives in mine. Is this considered traditional?

I would love to hear how you love your omelets!

Shopping for Greek Honey

What is the best Greek honey to buy? I have some friends who are going to Greece and I told them to get me some honey while there, but I don't know how to tell them what to buy for me. I like to cook with it and spread it on bread and wasa crackers. I love it with cheese, as well. Like, the combination of honey drizzled on feta cheese ... it's outstanding.

When I don't have people getting some for me in Greece, I typically buy it online. I just never really put thought into it.

Good grill seasoning for lamb?

I love the flavor of grilled lamb. I make grilled lamb two ways - either as a souvlaki or I will grill an actual leg. In the case of souvlaki, I marinate the cut up meat overnight in a ladolemono (oil, lemon, oregano, garlic usually).

I don't marinate the leg overnight, but I do brush it with ladolemono before grilling, and also during grilling.

Ay other ideas? I want to try something different but an option that is still Greek. Maybe just adding an herb or something? I open to suggestions.
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