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Merry Christmas to everyone in the worldwide Greeks community! I am so happy that I have found a place where I can chat with others in this forum. I wish everyone a blessed Christmas and a very happy New Year. As the Greeks say, Xronia Polla! And let's not forget that today is the name day of anyone named Maria, Mario, Panagioti (please let me know if I am forgetting anyone). Xronia Polla to all of those celebrating their name days. 🎄

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Merry Christmas!! 🎄🎅🎄🎅🎄
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Χρόνια πολλά!
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Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

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Celebrating Ephiphany Italian style in Venice!♥️

These are the best Greek dances for big groups!

I love Greek dancing, and my favourite Greek dances are the ones that are done in massive groups for weddings, baptisms, and birthday parties. The Greeks really know how to have fun and have everyone join in! My favorite group dances are...

1. Kalamatiano: This is the most classic group dance and probably this easiest one to do and join in on
2. Tsamiko: This is probably the second most popular dance!
3. Balos: Balos is pretty easy to learn and is done in pairs (great for weddings)

What are your favorite Greek news websites?

I’ve been wanting to stay caught up with a Greek and use for sometime now, but I don’t have really good access to Greek TV through cable or through my smart TV. I usually like to watch on YouTube or on the websites directly. Can anyone recommend me a Greek news channels that posts on the internet that have really good journalism? I like to have a new perspective and keep up with what’s going on in Greece in Europe. Thanks so much everyone! Happy new year!

Greece wins 2004 Euro Cup! One of the most important moments in Greece sports history

Many may think that the Olympics is one of Greece’s most important historical moments about sports. But for those soccer fans and Greeks, you know that Greece winning the 2004 Euro cup was perhaps one of the most unexpected and important moments of sports culture in Greece. Greece was considered an underdog, and no one would ever think that they would win the euro, which is what made the win so sweet. I hope to one day see Greece over come all the odds and have a win like that again.

Did you know about the Greek New Years pomegranate tradition?

This is one of Greece's most beautiful traditions that is rooted in Ancient and modern traditions. The pomegranate is the symbol of good fortune, fertility and luck which is why it is associated with New Years. One of the Greek customs that people do on New Years is taking a pomegranate and breaking it open by throwing it outside of your house on New Years day. If you throw it hard enough and it opens on the fist try, it will bring the most luck to you and your family in the New Year!
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