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I've been experimenting with tiropita cheese combinations and so far, I love the combination of using plenty of feta cheese, plus a creamier cheese. This is mainly because of the texture but I have also found that I love how the creamier cheeses take away some of the tang of the feta. In one version, I even added a touch of honey in the mixture. That was unexpectedly good.

But, the versions I have liked the best so far include feta cheese, Kasseri cheese, and ricotta cheese. If I can't find Kasseri I just saw a tip that I could sub Gruyere cheese... I think I will try it. Sometimes that cheese is hard to find.

What are your favorite combinations?


My favorite is to use a creamy cheese, like ricotta, and mix with imported feta cheese. I also sometimes like to add a bit of grated cheese at times, like Romano (I can't seem to find Greek grated cheeses near me). I love to add chives, some egg. There's room for creativity and I have never really met a tiro pita I didn't like!

What do you use for grill seasoning?

I usually just use ladolemono, but I am looking for different ideas. This is to grill pretty much anything. I either do salt and pepper or ladolemono - looking for new ideas.

I have a friend who makes a rub with Greek spices, but didn't tell me what she puts in it. I've had it, it tastes like there's oregano, a little garlic, and something with heat. Like maybe ground red pepper?

How to Use Spoon Sweets?

I am about to make my first ever spoon sweet. Someone told me that there was a it of a ritual associated with it?

I went over someone's house once and they gave me some spoon sweets with some Greek coffee and water. I am kind of getting the feeling that this is a pretty typical experience?

Besides the ritual, how else are spoon sweets used? Can I eat them like jam?

Meat for Stifado?

I am getting ready to make stifado. I found these great fresh, small onions at the store and I knew that is what I had to do with them!

I am trying to figure out which meat to use. Could I use anything? Beef is expensive, I never really liked lamb in it... I was thinking maybe pork? Or should I just suck it up and use beef?

I have had it in Greece with rabbit but can't really find rabbit to eat here in the US.

Simple Greek Desserts to Try?

I am not a baker really but I love eating sweets, in small amounts, after dinner.

I am trying to find some recipes! Does anyone have a good recipe for that chocolate cracker log thing? I have heard it called "Salami" and also "mosaiko". It has crackers (or biscuit cookies really), cocoa powder, there ingredients I forget. I watched someone make it once...

Also, I do eat fruit, dried fruit, Greek yogurt with honey, etc for dessert sometimes. Any other ideas?

Making Greek baked beans advice...

I saw a recipe for Greek baked beans in tomato sauce and I want to make it.

It calls for dried gigantes beans, which I can't find. Can I use any dried bean? I was thinking dried, white lima beans. I also think I read in another thread that someone here uses butter beans? Can I use canned beans? That would make things so much easier...
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