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I took a lovely hiking trip in Corfu this summer!! One of the least admired things about Greece is their hiking, you can find great trails if you do enough research, trust me! This trail is called the Corfu trail

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amazing!! Id love to hike more often on vacation, thanks for the tip
Whenever I think of visiting Greece, I don't think of hiking. But, the hikes I have done are some of my favorite moments. I have never done the Corfu Trail, I will put it on my list.

Recommendations for the best hikes on Corfu?

I'm currently planning a trip to the beautiful island of Corfu and have heard that it's a paradise for hikers and nature lovers alike. With its stunning landscapes, the Ionian sea's mesmerizing views, and lush trails winding through ancient olive groves, I'm eager to explore some of the island's best hiking trails.

That being said, I'm reaching out to this wonderful community for the insights and experiences of those who have tread these paths before me. Whether you're a seasoned hiker or someone who enjoys leisurely walks amidst nature, I would love to hear your recommendations on finding a good hiking trail. I'd prefer it to be scenic, and it shouldn't be too hard. Other than that, I am open to just about anything!

Thanks in advance!

Visiting Liston Promenade in Corfu Information

I am gathering information about Corfu and am intrigued by the Liston Promenade. Not sure if I am going to Corfu yet, but I am curious. I've heard it's a must-visit spot, but I'd love to gather more detailed information from those who have been there or are familiar with the area.
  1. Historical Significance: Can anyone provide some background on the history of the Liston Promenade? I've read that it has a unique architectural style influenced by French design, but I'd like to know more about its historical context and importance.
  2. Things to Do: What activities do you recommend while visiting the Liston Promenade? Are there specific cafes, restaurants, or shops that are a must-visit? Any recommendations for local delicacies to try?
  3. Best Time to Visit: Is there an optimal time of day or year to visit the Liston Promenade to avoid crowds or experience it at its best? I’d love to capture some great photos and enjoy a leisurely stroll without too much hustle and bustle.
  4. Nearby Attractions: Are there any other notable attractions or landmarks near the Liston Promenade that I should include in my itinerary? I'd like to make the most of my visit and explore the surrounding area as well.
  5. Personal Experiences: Lastly, if anyone has personal stories or experiences from their visit to the Liston Promenade, I'd love to hear them! What made your visit special, and what tips would you give to someone visiting for the first time?
Thank you!

Kanoni and Mouse Island - Advice Needed

I’m currently planning a trip to Corfu, and I’ve been intrigued by the pictures and mentions of Kanoni and the iconic Mouse Island (Pontikonisi). The views look absolutely mesmerizing, and it seems like a must-visit spot. However, I’d love to get some firsthand insights and advice from anyone who has visited or has local knowledge of the area.

However, I've heard that there's more to Kanoni and Mouse Island than just the views, and I'd love to get some insider tips to make the most of my visit. I'm reaching out to this community because I believe firsthand experiences are far more valuable than any guidebook. If anyone has been, can you guide me on how to get the most of my time there?

Top places to see on Corfu advice

I'm planning a trip to Corfu and would love to get some insights from this community. From the breathtaking beaches to the rich historical sites, I'm eager to explore what Corfu has to offer but would like to narrow down my list to ensure I see the top attractions.

Could anyone share their personal favorites or must-see spots in Corfu? I'm interested in both popular tourist destinations and any hidden gems you think shouldn't be missed. Additionally, if there are specific local dishes or restaurants that you believe are quintessential to the Corfu experience, I'd appreciate those recommendations as well.

Thank you in advance for your help!


Tips for Corfu off the Beaten Track?

I'm planning a trip to Corfu and I'm looking for some insider tips on off-the-beaten-track experiences. While I'm excited about the popular spots, I'd love to explore some hidden gems that aren't swamped with tourists.

Does anyone have recommendations for:

  • Secluded beaches
  • Hidden historical sites
  • Local eateries that offer authentic Corfiot cuisine
  • Scenic hiking trails
  • Any unique cultural experiences or local festivals
Looking forward to hearing your suggestions and personal experiences!
Share and discuss your Corfu photos, questions and experiences!

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